Multiple Burning Question

Just had a good read thru the forum and think I’ve got it,

to burn 2 different jobs at the same time to 2 dvdr
both writers have to be on different channels and program opened twice

But to burn the same job to 2dvdr both burners have to be of the same kind
on the same channel with the same firmware using the same disks & just select use mutiple burners from the softwares options

One more question has anybody done any of this OTF??

They should not be on the same channel, regardless of whether they are burning the same job or different jobs.

what about this then
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To burn 2 discs with the same data, you need 2 drives that are capable of burning the media you want.

I used to burn duplicate CD’s when patches came out to fix blaster etc and ended up burning 3 discs at a time on any writers I had to hand, in the end it was 2x 20 and a 32 speed CD-R drives & nero always burnt them all at 20x (made very little difference overall). Basically Nero will use the fastest speed possible on all drives & slow the faster ones down to match the top speed of the slowest, however it is better to have matched drives.

BTW, drives should be on seperate channels to speed up data transfer, more so with DVD writing than CD writing.

I tried burning the exact same job to two drives in the same channel before, and it was very messed-up, so my statement is based on what I tried once upon a time. I was not aware of rdg’s attempt, though…

Slowing down the burn speed can increase the success rate.

Bear in mind that if you only have the standard dual IDE channels most computers have, even if your burners are on different channels, one will be on the same channel as your hard disk.

I haven’t tried with DVD, but burning to CD, one on secondary IDE, one on USB 2.0, hard disk on primary IDE, works very well even at high speeds.

I have burned two dvd’s at the same time. Here is the configuration:
Source File #1: Promise I/O card Primary Master
Source File #2: Promise I/O card Secondary Master
Destination DVD #1: MotherBoard IDE Primary Slave
Destination DVD #2: MotherBoard IDE Secondary Master
If you use the same IDE port for 2 devices, you will experience deadlocks. Make sure each device is on a port of its own.
Promise IDE controller card TX-100

Burning to 2 drives on one channel should not be a huge problem, providing they are identical drives in every way. This assumes you are burning the same thing to both drives. The only problem I’ve had doing this is when one drive has a hiccup of some kind, then it will throw off the whole thing and you start getting a see-saw of the 2 drive buffers.

You should also be able to do on the fly copies just fine with both drives on one channel. But this might be speed-dependant.

Thats wot I thought ,giving the amount of reading I did,
wasnt sure if OTF would work tho
thanx for replies