Multiple Burning Issues (PS2)

I’m having problems burning games for my ps2 which is the newest one (slimline) with open top using swap magic 3.3 discs.

I’ve backed up games with what I believe to be little wrong with, however in Goldeneye: rogue agent for example the video sequences are very glitcy. I’ve downloaded multiple games also these giving me the big problems.

I’ve got nero 6 ultra edition, stomp record now max, alcohol 120% and CDRWIN Version 3.9g and using burner LITE-ON DVDRW LDW-811S. one of the main problems i’ve come to is burn speed, nero wont let me burn at less than 8x, stomp is 2x but wont accept my cue files saying I need a global image, alcohol which is my newest software no less than 40x and CDRWIN no less than 4 speed.

i’m having much more luck with dvd-r’s than with cd-rs with 7 dvd-r’s burnt sucessfully (no coasters) even though glitchy in parts and 2 cd-r burnt sucessfully (motorbike king and divx player) and multiple coasters but being as 2 are working I assume the discs are ok.

I’m still unsure on the sizes at which to decide on cd-r and dvd-r but normally nero lets me burn to cd-r even if the bin is over 800mb (such as megaman 800,751kb) coasted. Its confusing because I’m unsure what burning software I burnt each game on due to trying different things.

I am unsure what steps to take, I’ve been reading all over the forums of this site and others to see if people have the same problem and its just been getting me more confused so I thought I would post. I assume there is an issue with the speed I am burning at but am unclear as to what steps to take to reolve this (all this talk of firmware and whether burn speed matters confusing).

my sights are set on burning prince of persia warrior within (819,303kb BIN file) without making more mug stands. out of the burning software I would not use record now max due to it not accepting the cue or bin. nor would I use alchohol 120% due to it not letting me reduce my speed properly which is a big area of confusion. nero I could use more than likely resulting in a coaster i believe maybe to do with burning at 8x and cdrwin probably the best option for me at the moment but I would like to see if anyone has some advice for me before I do this just in case there is something missing or that I’m doing wrong here.

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