Multiple Burners With Clone CD

Is is possible to use more than one burner at a time using Clone CD ?

IE: Burn 2 cds at once ?


yes it’s perfectly possible

sometimes I burn 3 different cd’s at the same time with clonecd.
I just have to start up clonecd 3 times.

I use an Acer 24/10/40 and 2x plextor 12/10/32 scsi

so the program doesnt really support multiple burners, but u just run clonecd x amount of times at once.

what about resources ?
what cpu / ram you got ?

thanks for your help

Originally posted by Huzzy
so the program doesnt really support multiple burners, but u just run clonecd x amount of times at once.

right, that’s the only way.

my pc is a pIV 2.0Gig with 1024Rdram with an asus geforce3 Ti500.
in it are:
2x plextor 12/10/32 scsi
ultraplex 40x scsi
Acer 24/10/40
Toshiba 16/48 dvd
40 and 60gig harddisk

But with my old computer: pIII 1000 with 512Sdram and geforce2 GTS with everything above in it I could also write 3 cd’s at the same time.

Now at this moment I’m burning 1cd on the fly with clonecd(the game medal of honor (safedisk2)) with my acer and dvd, I’m also burning an audio cd with nero with the plex and I’m burning an image with cdrwin with the other plex and in the meantime I’m also downloading 8movies at the same time.

Talking about multitasking!!!

This is maybe strange but the only time I have problem burning even 1cd is when I’m printing??(my cpu goes up to 100% then)

haha, thanks snowie, ill give it a try.

btw, whats the best drive for reading (even if its another burner) to compliment my ricoh 7200 ?

P.S - in australia we cant get plextors, well we can, but they are over priced. yes its a cruel world :slight_smile:

when it’s for safedisk2 I use my toshiba 1612 and for writing safedisk2 I use my Acer.

But I suggest you do a searh on the board, you will find everything you’lle need

heh, its all contradictory.

my plextor works, my ricoh works, blah blah.

how do u find acer writers ?

normally I’m a plextor man, but since there are more and more games protected by safedisk2 I had to find a reliable writer to burn them because my plextor’s do not work for that.

I went on a search and I found out that the best solution for me was the acer.

I can truly say that with my combination Toshiba dvd (for reading) and my acer (for burning) I haven’t had a single cd I couldn’t copy.
The important thing for me is that I can make a copy of a cd FAST withoud the use of a crack of a patch. I burn all my cd’s on the fly, even the ones protected with safedisk2 at 16x or 24x speed (it depends of the cdr media I have at the moment).

Notes: Acer can burn a perfect safedisk2 copy but you can’t use it to read it (that’s why I use my dvd to read)

Any more questions??

thats about it…unless u know how i can have more than 4 IDE devices running at once ?

SCSI = no thanks.

thanks for all your previous help too…much appreciated.

Originally posted by Huzzy
thats about it…unless u know how i can have more than 4 IDE devices running at once ?

You cal always buy yourself a PCI ATA100 IDE controller
There you can connect another 4 IDE devices.

I had never even though about that…whats the quality of those like ?

speeds ? reliability ? any weaknesses ?

thnx tax

My recommandation is to get a promise IDE controller(Stay away from highpoint/abit) and then connect all harddrives on that one and have the ide-controllers on the mainboard for CD-devices…

My setup:

IDE 1: Master: Lite-on LTD-163
IDE 1: Slave: Lite-on LTR-24102B
IDE 2: Master: Lite-on LTR-24102B
IDE 2: Slave: Toshiba SD-M1502

Promise IDE 1: Master: OS disk in removable tray(have different os’es on different disks, easy to change os)
Promise IDE 1: Slave: IBM 75Gb disk
Promise IDE 2: Master: Fujitsu 27Gb disk
Promise IDE 2: Slave: Still unused :smiley:

With this setup I’m able to copy on the fly from LTD-163 to the LTR-24102B on the same cable, and from the SD-M1502 to the other LTR-24102B at the same time, with just using two cloneCD sessions.

Note: Not all add-on IDE controllers supports CD-Units, some(like my promise RAID controller) is made for harddrives only.

As said, stay away highpoint/abit add-on cards, they are crap. Better take a look at the different promise models.

That’s right , I also use a Raid controller.
But mine is on board (Abit TH7II)

This is my setup

IDE1:Toshiba 1612 dvd master
IDE2:Acer 24/10/40 master
IDE3: harddisk 40gig master
IDE4:harddisk 60gig master

everything else is on scsi (adaptec 2940)

i found this one from Promise.


80AUD$, so about US$40

is that what im after ?
will it controll 4 IDE devices ? or 2 ?

cause there is also a TX4 model, im not sure what does what, but the tx4 model was like AUD$900.

Thanks fellas

The perfect way to copy multiple is with click 'n burn.
You can burn with 4 burners at the same time. 4 the same copies.
Only al the burners must have the same brand, type and firmware.

Greeeetz Matrix

Huzzy, I have a Leadtek Winfast ATA100 PCI card that cost be $60 six months ago at one of the Canberra Computer Fairs - have not looked back!

IDE 1 Master Seagate Barracuda 20 GB (c:)
IDE 1 Slave Seagate Barracuda 20 GB
IDE 2 Master Seagate Barracuda 30 GB
IDE 2 Slave Quantum Fireball 6 GB (downloads & drivers)

PCI Card
IDE 1 Master Lite-On 24102B
IDE 1 Slave Toshiba SD-M1402
IDE 2 Master Acer 1210A
IDE 2 Slave AOpen 52x CD-ROM

Various partitions, Nero Image Drive & D-Tools virtual drives account for some 16 drive letters on my system. I have various bits and pieces of my kids PCs mapped as drive letters too taking the total to 20 drive letters.

Leadtek’s website is alive and well; there was a driver update available when I installed the card. It has it’s own BIOS & enumerates after the MoBo. DMA & drive letters are easy to manage thru Device Manager.

Promise cards may not take AT devices as OC-Freak suggested.
The only problem I have had is when doing a reset - the drivers reload & I lose my drive lettering - ouch, but only on the card.