Multiple burners, problem

I have 3 burners set up as follows:
IDE1 Master and Slave
IDE2 Slave

With no disk in the drive, when I click to open the drives in Win xp-sp2, the IDE1 Master and the IDE2 slave ask me to insert a disk. The IDE slave will open with a blank window, as if a blank disk were in the drive.

I really don’t care which way things work, but would like them all to work the same way.

Any thoughts will be appreciated.

Why do you have a drive alone on secondary as slave?

master is a HDD

Either use a better mobo (no joke) or connect the ODDs on an extra non-RAID IDE controller.

If the HD on secondary is your boot drive, you should move it to primary master. Then re-configure the others as you wish and see if the problems persist.

A better option would be to move the HD to a PCI card (not the opticals).

As to what happens when no disc is in the drive, does it really matter?