"Multiple Burners" burning with Nero


I tried to burn DVDs on the same time with my LG H42L and LiteON SHW-16H5S but I get only 1.0x to 1.5x burning speed. These drives are on the same IDE cable.
How could I get normal burning speed when using multiple burners?
I really must put them on separate cables?

Yes you must, and even then you might have a hard time burning at the fastest speeds depending on your system setup and how the individual burning drives react to buffer under-runs.

The different lead-in times and different write graphs (CAV, P.CAV, Z-CLV) may cause the Nero buffer to run empty and trigger a slowdown in one or both of the drives since they are not of identical or similar types.

You can put the drives on different IDE channels, and then see which speed you can burn at.

Thanks man.
Really quick answear. :slight_smile:
But … do you think I could have problems again because I have the next configuration :
Primary Master: HDD
Primary Slave: - I’ll put here one of the dvd-rw units -
Secondary Master: SHW-16H5S
Secondary Slave: H42L


Any sharing of an IDE channel will give you performance problems when using both units simultaneously.

I cannot predict which setup will be worse.

Have you considered adding some IDE or SATA ports to your computer?

I have a gigabyte SkA (GA-7VAXP Ultra) motherboard with extra 2 ide chanels. I’ m not quite sure If I can use those (I can use some option to use SATA chanel of the motherboard as new IDE chanels) or…
What IDE controller would you recomand me to add to my PC? (I think it’s a PCI board, isnt’ it?)

I’m not familiar with that motherboard and I’m not using a PCI card for additional IDE ports myself, and not all such cards are good for optical drives AFAIK.

I’m afraid I can’t answer those questions. Perhaps someone else can help?

Thanks any way man.
I’ll try my extra IDE channels … and see what will be happening.
Have a nice day :slight_smile:

I use Nero6 and burn multiple DVD’s (4). I think it might help if all the drives were the same. I made it a point to buy 4 NEC 3550a drives just for this purpose. I added an IDE card to the PCI bus and I have 2 drives on each channel. I was told it would be better to have 1 channel for each drive. But it seem to work fine with Nero. I’m having a hell of a time getting Alcohol to burn .IMG files to 4 CD’s at the same time. Nero burns an .nrg CD image to 4 drives with no problem.