Multiple BR 5.25" Drive Enclosure?



Technical question:
Is it possible to connect a drive’s power cable to one motherboard and the SATA cable to another motherboard?


You have a motherboard with SATA-Power-cable? Usually the SATA-Power-cable is connected to the PSU


I miswrote, I meant connecting a drive’s power cable to a PSU and the SATA cable to a motherboard that receives power from a different PSU.
I tried it earlier with a Blu-ray burner and it worked, the only problem is that if I power up the PSU that gives power to the burner while the computer is turned on, I get a blue screen.


Both machines have to be powered on if you use the drive, should be work without problems.

Maybe it´s better to power on the machine which give the power first, if the PC with SATA-connector have problems with Hotplugin


I tried again by connecting the SATA cable directly to a SATA port on the motherboard and it worked perfectly even with hotplugin, the first time I plugged it to a SATA port on a PCI card.


That´s nice :slight_smile:

From the past I remember Hotplugin wasn´t uncritical, not every Mainboard/Chipset/OS/Drive like it