Multiple AVI's on one dvd

Chickenman I need your advice or could you please point me in the right direction.

A mate of mine wishes to put multiple tv episodes of the simpsons onto the one dvd. They seem to be different bitrates as well.

He also wants a menu system so he can just click on each one and it will play etc.

What would you suggest for this and do you have a guide or know of one?

What software would I need besides the one in your Divx to DVD turorial…

Thanks in advance m8.

im lookin to do this with my 24 episodes
this is how i think its done (Chickenman can look over this and say yay or nay or what to change lol):

it seems that the divx to dvdr tutorial will work fine, just change the cdsize accordingly (if you want to fit 4 episodes per dvd, 4440mb/4 = 1110mb per file)

then convert the audio to ac3 using the guide

then use TMPGEnc dvd author 1.6 to import them
you can even do menus in dvd author

Thanks for this but they are different bitrates etc, so i presume there will be another step etc??

ELiTE KiLLaH, you got it spot on m8. The bitrate of the AVI’s is irrelevent here, its their length in Hr Min that counts. Most 1/2hr TV shows end up as 22 (or 25) min of movie only (rest was adverts !). So I would put 6 to a DVDR, set the CD size to 740, I’d also set the audio to 192 bitrate and encode each separately in batch mode (Batch mode is described in Note 4 of the divx to dvdr tute).

I use Maestro to author my stuff, but TMPGEnc DVD Author or DVDLab are both good and can generate Menus for you. TDA has somewhat plain menus if you ask me and not changable.

I have just encoded the 139 episodes of MacGyver, all 5 seasons, most had 5 eps per DVDR a few had 6 as they where odd numbers in some of the series. Also did the X-Men TAS all 59 eps but put 6 or 7 eps per DVDR (they were 18-20min each). I tend to put 3hr max to a DVDR to keep good quality. All were done in Batch mode over just a few nights really.

Thanks a lot m8, will pass on this info tomorrow or he might even read this post tonight. I have only ever authored with TDA as this is what you suggest in your tutorial. I might see what Maestro can do then.

I would suggest you try DVDLab before Maestro as the former is somewhat more affordable. They have a 30 day fully funtional trial as well. In fact DVDLab Pro is the way to go, as each beta resets the 30 days again :smiley:

sweet good to konw what i was thinkin of doin was right lol
and i guess ill check out dvdlab pro if you can make the menus better looking :smiley:

I’ve download a movieon three cvd disk is there away I can put all three parts on a dvd rw?There in cvd format cue and bins. sorry if this been asked before I just started today> Thanks