Multiple avi to DVD got 1 sec skips on DVD players

Hi! I have so many recorded TV movies that I wanted my grandma to watch on our dvd player. I first tried Nero vision and was only able to burn four 350mb video files on one 4.5Gb DvD-R and the sound is delayed on the last 2 videos. Then I used TMPGenc Author 2.0 to convert my avi files to dvd. This software is great since it let me burn 11 350 mb files on one 4.5Gb dvd-r and the sound is synchronized and have a simple menu but the video skips (approx 1 sec frame) very often. What should I do? All I want is to burn 7-11 350MB videos on one 4.5GB dvd-r even with a little lower video quality but doesn’t skip, synchronized audio and can be played on a DVD player with menu. Any advice would be great!

I also recently tried to convert my avi files to mpeg 2 [MPEG file (MPEG-2 Video, 352x240, 29.97 fps, VBR (Average bitrate), Average 700 kbps / MPEG-1 Audio Layer II, 48000 Hz, Stereo, 192 kbps)] using TMPGENC 3.0 Xpress but the converted mpeg video is very messed up (delayed sound, blackouts with sound…etc).

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Usually video skipping is due to a bad burned media, when the player have difficulty to read some sectors on the disc, so playback is skipping.

What discs are you using? What burner? What firmware? At what speed did you burn these media?

I’m able to make it work fine now and yes its because of the CD. Thankyou!

You’re welcome :slight_smile: