Multiple audio streaming

I need to have the facility to stream 5 custom audio feeds from one PC. I have the playing software (Raduga) that I can run in as many instances as I need and that side is working perfectly.
I will be using Windows Media Encoder to stream each feed.

My question - is there a virtual mixer that can exist in multiple formats on one PC? If so what is it and where can I download from?

** FYI…I have 5 sound cards; Creative SB Live (1) and SBPCI CT4810 (4) I have tried to install them under Windows 2000Pro but get conflicts of IRQ and sound quality issues. This is why I am thinking of “Virtual audio cards”.

I tried using Windows Media Encoder to stream from distinct ports, and each stream, individually, is working. Two streams work but with one at inferior quality.

Any help or advice would be very much appreciated.

Replying to my own post…always a first time for everything!!

I have found the solution, thanks to Carlos Boni (IT Guru). He suggested a

Virtual cable redirect and it works 100% perfectly. I found and downloaded

Virtual Audio Cable - - set up is

kinda straightforward but easy to adjust. Best of all it costs only 21€.

I have been “streaming” 5 distinct test feeds since installing yesterday as
5 instances of Raduga with 5 different playlists using 5 "Virtual Audio

Cables" - input
5 instances of Windows Media Player connecting to 5 “Virtual Audio Cables”

  • output
    I can hear each stream on other PC’s on my office network, but not in real
    time obviously.

At the moment each stream is using one channel only, but this is because I
have selected that option (my working project needs only mono feed) and for

a short time these test feeds will be online if anyone wants to check them out

on through 8086.
As I will be tweaking and playlisting there may be short periods when a

particular feed is offline.