Multiple Audio Books on one CD

I want to burn 6 audio books on one CD. The files are already in MP3 format. When I try to burn the CD I get all the files in numerical order with the titles mixed. The books are out of order.
I am using Roxio 8 (admittedly an older program). When I load the files into Roxio I can get them in the proper order by book. When I Burn the CD the files get mixed, #1 of each book, then #2 of each book and so on. Is it even possible to do what I want, if so what program or how?


Rename each file. 0001 First chapter ****.mp3, then 0002 Second chapter ****.mp3, etc. (the **** is the name of the book) To make sure you don’t get anything mixed, keep using the 0000 enumeration scheme throughout. So when you get done with the first book, continue the number scheme from where you left off. If the first book had 12 chapters, the first chapter of the next book would look like this: 0013 First Chapter ****.mp3.

We generally recommend ImgBurn. It is an excellent burning program, free to use.

Use leading zeroes and put each book in a separate folder.

Proper (re)naming is the key in this case.

If you want to avoid lots of tedious typing, this is very good for renaming batches of files.

Nero lets you rearrange audio tracks freely

I liked to rename audiobook files according to the chapter titles… but not audiobook files are divided by the chapter.

ok thanks ok thanks ok thanks

I have much trouble with built-in Windows Explorer ordering.

I use a FreeCommander file manager and it sort properly in drag and drop. I use Nero to burn.

I always rename in number order as mentioned earlier.

Free Commander has good multi-file rename tool.

Best I have found is Rename Master though. Very powerful.

I have extensive experience of Audiobook processing. If I can help, please to invite you to ask.

Good luck.

Second the recommendation of Ant Renamer. Useful in a lot of other situations.