Multiple attempts to finally open a disc?

I purchased and I’m using the newest officially released version of DVD Fab as of 3.06.09. and my machine is runnning Windows XP Pro. with the latest updates and drivers.

I’m just curious if anyone occasionally needs to load the dvd 3 times before DVD Fab finally starts to open the disc? I backed up “Still Waiting…” using “Clone” mode (which is the only mode I’ve used so far with several movies I own while I had the trial version) but it took 3 times before the “opening disc” box popped up and ran fine afterwards. The original disc was new and all 3 of my dvd burning drives had the movie in them before I ended up in the 1st drive I statrted with and it then opened. This doesn’t happen with every movie and I do finally get a great backup but like I said, I’m curious. It’s great software!

Do you have Path Player checked as Always Enabled ? (it should be) it depends on the protection I believe as I have had it scan several times before it would open the movie myself but have never had to reinstall the dvd several times, maybe it was the disc such as small scratches or fingerprints

Yes, Pathplayer is set to “Always Enabled”. [U]I might try leaving the disc in the drive longer next time it does it; maybe it will scan after a few moments wait?[/U]:confused: I figured that if it didn’t immediately start opening the disc upon insertion that it probably won’t by giving it more time. I will also clean all my drives just in case (although I doubt that’s the reason because I do clean them often enough). The discs themselves are always clean, no fingerprints or scratches. It’s only happened once before and it did eventually open the disc so it isn’t too much of a bother.

great software I plan on using it for a long time as long as the support and updates are this good!

O.K. I watched my back up copy of Still Waiting and in several places throughout the movie it stuttered (blocky mosiac pattern). I tried later that evening and it opened immediately, unlike the first time, and seemed faster for the entire process to end (about 40 minutes total) but it failed to finalize. I went into the properties of the program and manually started the finalization process and it seems like a perfect copy now. Will running two machines with the software at the same time to make copies effect the results? I thought that I read that you can have the software on twomachines but only run it one at a time?

Did not see any place about the brand of media you are using :confused:
if you are going to use the clone mode then the media that I suggest is Verbatim D/L anything else will be problematic also adjust the write speed according the media not by how fast your drive/burner can write :slight_smile:

also make sure the drive/burner is in DMA mode

i have the issue as well with the newer versions. This occurs when trying to read blu ray disks. Not tried DVD yet.

It’s called a bug which more then likely will be fixed in the next beta release :slight_smile:

I only use Verbatim or Taiyo Yuden media and all my drives are in Ultra DMA mode 6 (I believe). It isn’t a constant issue (it only happened once and was corrected with persistance) so I ask only out of curiousity and not frustration. I’m just curious why it would work later on without any issue (besides the finalization process which I corrected). Perhaps their was some resource being used that caused the problem the first time around. I’m very realistic about any issues that arise and understand that most will usually be resolved as I’ve seen on these forums by the constant fixes and updates. This software is so much better than what I’ve seen around so far.

As you can see at the very bottom of my signature I too only use Taiyo Yuden media and selected Verbatim, I have found that I have this issue very seldom and it seems to happen when a software program and even windows auto update connects to the Internet to check and install any updates it or they may find.
\However I have resolved this issue by stopping all Internet access during a backup process, my system is connected at all times but I use Zone Alarm Internet security suite which allows me to stop all access :wink: