Multiple Angles: Fixed yet?

I love DVDFab Decrypter. The only thing stopping me from buying the Platinum version is the issue with multiple angles. Is this problem ever going to be fixed? I see this mainly with Disney Movies (Lion Kings, Eddie, etc.), but DVDFab ripped movies end up with those gray patches and the audio gets unsynched. The ones I can rip with the old DVD Decrypter don’t have these problems. Please, please I need this issue taken care of. Anyone? Bueller? :doh:

This is stupid. If the old DVD Decrypter was able to do this, why can’t the newer DVDFab? Am I the only one who considers this to be a HUGE problem? Why won’t the developer fix this problem? I notice lots of people looked at this thread, but no comments to back me up? No one else wants this problem fixed?

I agree and would love to see this fixed, but it’s not really a killer issue for me or apparently most users. Not that many titles use angles, and the last one I did worked OK (no jumps or grey-outs).

I have run into enough titles with this problem that it really bothers me that the authors of DVDFab have not fixed it. As my DVD ripping has to do with a lot of Disney films, which like to use the multiple angle thing, it bugs me that this issue has not been fixed. Please fix this!