Multimounter doesn't work with Nero 6 under Windows XP Pro SP2

I have been trying to get Multimounter to work under Windows XP with Nero Installation has been successfull(dialog box was shown confirming this). However, when I populate the volumes tab, I see only the last session(This is the default behaviour under Win XP). So, installation of Multimounter doesn’t make any difference. So what do I do to view different sessions on a multi session cd with Windows explorer?

have you downloaded the 2k/xp version of multimounter? if not click here , also you can use isobuster click here

Yes. I followed all the instructions. I have isobuster. But I still want to know whether I can make Nero’s multimounter work. As I mentioned before, I am using the latest versions of everything including Multimounter for Win Xp.

Multimounter does work under xp pro sp2, it’s just a bit annoying. open the properties of your cd drive and select the Volumes tab. Each burn session will show up as a separate volume with a check mark indicating the volume presently active and accessible. highlight the volume (session) that you want to access and click apply. You may need to refresh [F5] your explorer’s window before the change shows up. It really sucks, but apparently you may only access one session at a time, and not all of the files at once.

I assume this is because of the annoying multisession auto refresh in nero that may have tricked you into burning the same filename in each volume (session). This gives low end users the illusion of truly refreshing a file, which is impossible without rewriting, something you aren’t doing with a multisession write once disc. Consequently,there may be multiple files of the same name on your disc, but written at different times, in different sessions, and containing different information. If you tried to do this in explorer it would make you name the subsequent files differently.

I know it rather late in the game to reference this old thread but I tryong to get the multimounter installed but the reg file will not import saying I have a disk or system error. I do not understand that caveat that the path to Nero must be added twice. I do have that modified line:
@=“C:\Program Files\ahead\Nero
“ThreadingModel”=“Apartment” Where do I add the additional path line? I am using the latest Nero 6.6 version. I have installed the Nero driver in the system32 fold from th “inf” file as instructed.


I’ve had the same problem. You have to copy the *.reg file to the nero folder and open it with notepad. Don’t forget to copy the neroshx.dll file to the nero folder as well. There’s no mention as to what to do with the neroco.dll (co-installer) file.