Multimession Blanked DVD



HI today when i continued my multisesion on a DVD-R and added a file to the session when burning completed, the DVD became blank so i have now lost the first file that was on that disc :a. the refresh compliation box is unchecked.
i never had this trouble with my old burner.

i am using nero version and LG burner GSA-H55N.
i am using Windows XP PRO SP2

Please help me , thanks alot


Who said the drive is “blank” now?

Try with isobuster.


my dvd player and windows


A “dvd player” usually cannot make use of Multisession DVDs.

Run nero cd dvd speed and check the disc.


my dvd player can make use of a multisession disc because ive done it before however that was using my old DVD burner.


i have solved this now.