Multimedia disk creation



Hi all, I am a new user here, pretty new to dvd creation and cannot find what I am looking for anywhere so thought I would try a post here.
I am a musician in a local band and we filmed 3 of our songs with an HD camera we rented. Our primary purpose was to create a promotional disk to hand out and help us book shows. I have had no problem creating a standard DVD or making an audio disk that will play on a CD player. What I cannot seem to find is a way to create a DVD that also has CDA on it so 1 disk can be used in either a standard DVD player or CD player. Is this possible? The videos are in MPG format and audio files are MP3’s



As far as the dvd/cd issue goes a [B][B]cd can be played on a DVD [/B]player [/B]but a [B]DVD cannot be played on a cd player…[/B]


If you want it to play in both, it will have to be a CD, and you are limited in what formats you can use, and the quality. If you want high quality, especially since you said it was HD, at the very least you should put it on a DVD, and I would even suggest that it go on a dl-dvd