Multimedia Compression Programs

Hi there

I need to send some multimedia files to someone as attachments via email and was wondering what the best program to do this with is?

I have WinRAR installed and also UHARC v1.5 (Beta) which I have zipped up the files but their roughly the same size.

For example the original file was 372MB and the compressed files were only just below that figure.

Is there anything else that I could use to carry out this job?

Thanks in advance!


you should first let us know what format the media files are

Compressing multimedia files isn’t very effective most of the times. Try audio programs if it’s MP3. Try picture programs if it’s BMP or JPG.

I usually just send .avi and .mp3 to web servers and to my friends without compressing them because it just seems to take a lot of time and CPU power instead of using the bandwidth a lot more efficiently.

That’ll be an inbox-busting attachment! - not sure what the business model is, but you can dump a file up to 1Gb there, for collection.

If you don’t trust them with a friend’s valid email, then send it to one of your own discardable/filterable addresses and just copy the link.

If the file is already in a compressed/media encoded format, then the only way you’ll compress it further is by lowering the quality, or going to a better compression.

For uncompressed WAV files, use a common lossy or lossless audio compression format - normal file compression programs barely touch WAV.

For video, the best compression is normally DivX/Xvid (lossy) - you need serious space to handle lossless video.

For images, JPEG (lossy) or PNG (lossless, good for hard/flat computer images, poor on real world photo) - PNG works WELL, on the kind of images that JPEG destroys except at minimum compression.

Thanks guys for your quick replies!

The multimedia files are avi files made using the DivX or OGM (codec/wrapper).

Once I got the final avi file, I wanted to compress that down further and split into smaller file sizes to add as attachments to email.

As I mentioned before, I have tried WinRAR and UHARC to compress the files but it dosen’t really make too much of a difference.

Last nite I tried using 7zip (sourceforge) to carry out the same tasks but it takes 5+ hours, so in the end I gave up…guess I don’t have that much patience after all.

Another ideas??

BTW The Yousendit site looks good but, you can’t browse away from the site whilst uploading which would take a while @ 30Kbps.

it would probably be faster / easier to burn the avi to a blank cd, and send it in one of those aol cases that regularly end up at the door. (or the english equivalent, uk online? :p) an avi is about as compressed as it is going to get already.

I think Iv’e got the answer, got an invite for a GMail account, suppose I could use that!! LOL

@ ckin2001 You don’t bin those cases do you??? I’ve still got a few more to collect to finish my album ROFL


i have 20+ with sharpie marker scribbled over to label them

Open a Window of it’s own, and leave it to it - though the one thing an archiver program may be useful for, is dividing it into more manageable chunks.

7Z is SLOW, and you cannot get round the fact that you are trying to compress data that is already compressed.
Chainsawing it would be a lot quicker to split it, than applying slow and ineffective compression - another… there are plenty of file splitter/combiners around.