Multicore Efficiency



Playing around with encoding to H.264 with audiocopy, I’m finding the overall multicore CPU usage to be rather low compared to other converters I’ve used (ATI Avivo, mkv2vob).

I’m getting on average about 40% CPU usage (over all 4 cores) when converting a VOB to AVI (from one local physcial SATA disk ISO to another physical disk).

My system is running Windows 2003 SP2, 8GB RAM, Quad Core 3GHz Intel CPU.

Is there anything I can do to enhance this performance, I can’t imagine the bottleneck is anywhere else.

edit just changed the taskmanager update speed to fast, and I can see there are definite 0%-100% peaks of activity constantly, rather than 95%-100% constant.


Have you experimented with the memory allocation optimization in Common Settings-DVD to Mobile? What kind of conversion rate are you seeing? This is the clue to whether or not you have bottlenecks. With your hardware and using audiocopy, you should see conversion rates of 80fps or better even with large screen sizes/high bitrates.