Multicolored LED for Liteon 20A1H



I’ve got an older Liteon 1633 which I’ve flashed up to 1653 with the multicolored LED. I’ve just bought a Liteon 20A1H with LL06 firmware. Is the LED fix available for this drive…

TIA :iagree:


For what I know, latest Liteon drives doesn’t have a multicolor led :frowning:


right, the 1653S was the last drive with a bi-color led. every newer liteon has a green only led.


That’s correct - the newer liteons have only green. LITEON will do anything to reduce their production cost, even if it means a few cents per unit :slight_smile: Considering you can get the latest LITEON drives for the price of a big mac and fries, you can’t ask for much :smiley: