Multichoice smartcard


I have a subcription on DSTV South Africa.

I want to know how clone my smartcart.


Unlike cloning CDs such as for making a back up copy, we cannot allow the discussion of smartcard copying or unofficial smartcards due to legal issues in some countries, even if it is for personal use. Also, many providers make it as difficult as possible to clone their cards in any way, since a cloned card could easily be resold as an unofficial viewing card (pirate card).

If you are looking to watch two separate channels on DSTV, they offer ‘Dual View’, which is basically a box with two decoders that can allow two televisions to show two separate satellite TV channels simultaneously. Unfortunately, a new box, twin-output LNB on the dish and a 2nd line running down to the receiver are required and there is an additional 50ZAR (€6.23) per month charge on top of your montly subscription for the Dual View box.

Some more info on Dual View can be found on the following link on MultiChoice’s website:
(Scoll down to the ‘Dual View’ FAQ’s)

I don’t use a official receiver (I’m using a Nokia 9800 and a VisionPlus CI).
I put a twin-output LNB.

I want only make a backup of my card.

I wonder for what you would need a “backup” of that.

Yes, I would like only a backup of my smartcard

There is no need for that. If it’s defect it will be replaced with a new one…

As chef above mentioned, should your card ever fail due to frequent insertion and removal or get lost, MultiChoice should be able to issue you with a replacement. Chances are that they will give you a free replacement, like how most banks will offer a replacement bank card if the magnetic strip wears out on the original.

This thread has been closed as I have already mentioned that we cannot discuss about smartcard programming here.