running a kt7a raid system.1gig @1333, 2x lite-on 32x
Looking to run multi burners (4 audio files) 2 now maybe 3 later…
Wanting to know what is the best way to optmize my ides(ie should each burner have a seperate ide channel or would the multi burn work better if the burners were on the same ide).Hard drives on ide3 and ide4. ALSO LOOKING FOR SUGGESTIONS as to which program will work the best at this:eek:

Try to have the writers at different IDE channels. But do not connect them to Promise or Highpoint controller cards!!

Nero retail(not OEM) supports 2 writers at the same time.
You may open CloneCD twice and use 2 writers
CD-Mate have very good support for multiple burners.
Discjuggler have multiple writers support I think…
And probably others as well…

If the plan is to write many copies of a single source i’d suggest DiscJuggler.

The unlimited burner support version of DiscJuggler is quite expensive though.
So far the legal stuff :slight_smile:

Writing simultaneosly on several writers can be best accomplished by using all the same brand and type and using scsi. A single IDE/ATAPI request still takes 100% of your cpu (or promise controller cpu) time.

CD-Mate supports multiple cd-burners, it recommends they all be the same, and at no additional cost…