I would like to be able to choose which os i want to use went my computer is booting up. I have windows ME and XP. I already have the harddrive partitioned and i have windows xp on one partition and me on the other. The only wany that i can boot now is if i hide the partitions that i dont want to you and set the one i want to use as active. I just would like to now where i need to go or how i need to change the boot.ini file so i dont have to keep doing this. I have dont it before a while ago but i dont think i had the harddrive partitioned and now i would like to keep it partitioned.

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Hmm. From my experience, ME only boots if it’s installed in the first primary partition and that it is set active. So I suggest u find out that first. If so, then u also need to make sure that XP made a file I think is called BOOTSECT.DAT for that partition. Not only that, but that file must also contain the bootstrap code for ME and not XP. It should have it if you previous had ME installed and bootable first, then u installed XP afterwards.

There are bootmanagers available.
Powerquest had something called Bootmagic…but it is a long time since I last looked into that…so I don’t know what the latest developments in this field are…

As Taxman said, use a bootmanager.

But, I don’t recommend using Bootmagic 8, that’s until they release a new version. It seems that u cannot uninstall when bootstrap gets corrupted or when u repartition using Partition Magic. Also, no option of making bootable floppy for Boot magic!

I recommend System Commander (provides option of bootable floppy):

Devilbmxskater All you need to do if you want to select which OS to boot is first install ME on the first partition and XP on the second partition and XP will setup automatically a boot manager so when you boot up your computer you can select which OS to Boot, no need to spend money on a boot manager XP will do it by default.

Oops, in previous post, I meant to say you can use a bootmanager.

My boot.ini file is:
[boot loader]
[operating systems]
multi(0)disk(0)rdisk(0)partition(1)\WINDOWS=“Microsoft Windows XP Professional” /noexecute=optin /fastdetect

thanks for all the help. I wanted to use the MS way of booting up so i just needed to now ho to change the boot.ini file i just forgot to add C:\BOOTSECT.DAT=“Windows ME”

Just a question, but why would anyone want to keep ME over XP. I’ve used ME, and was very glad when I upgraded to XP…

i have and older scanner with no driver or software for xp

Couldn’t you get the driver from the internet?

The best boot manager (and partitioner&disk image maker) is BootitNG. P.

Win XP bootmenager… isn’t soo bad (if u can use only it … like me =/) … u can even choce beetween Windowss/ Linux … etc

Everyone’s already given you the answer.
2 add my $0.02
Flavors of windows are recommended to be installed in the order they were released.
98 & 98SE have to be on your primary partition.
XP will see the previous windows installations and setup a multiboot for you.
I’ve noticed when Norton System Works does a system scan, it messes-up my boot.ini file.
I have to edit the partition numbers for each OS to be available again.

Yes I agree this is the cheapest way and works well. I have set mutiple HDD up this way and it’s pretty simple, no problems so far. Even have a couple with two XP OS installed. Stops fights between the kids as thay have there very own OS even if it is on the same HD. :iagree: :bigsmile: