Multi word DMA mode with 411S & 451S

I’ve got a LiteOn 411S which has been perfect with Mitsubishi media. Recently I’ve tried some Digimedia(Optodisc) and Laser(Maxell) which have been absolutely awful. Both will say they burned ok with Nero 6. On the Optodisc the picture will corrupt around 1 hour into a movie. On the Maxell it seems to happen as soon as the disc starts playing. This happens on two standalone players. These shiny beer mats also fail to play on a PC DVD-ROM with PowerDVD.

Now tonite I had a look at device mangler and I see something odd. The IDE channel which my drive is connected is currently in Multi Word DMA mode. :confused: I’m not sure when this happened but I am wondering if this could be a reason why I can burn nothing but coasters on cheap DVD-R’s?

I also swapped out my drive for a 451S just to see if the later model made a difference. But nope. It can’t burn to these cheap DVD-R’s either. Upgrading to the newest firmware on both drives did not help either. My main question here is whether this multi word mode could be contributing to my problems? I realise the media is low quality but I can’t believe they are really as bad as my results are showing.


I fixed my multi word dma issue by updating my mobo BIOS and setting my FSB back to stock. As well I updated to the very latest version of Nero.

I’ve also back flashed my firmware from FSOJ to FSOF. Searching around the forums here leads me to believe this is a better firmware for DVD-R.