Multi word DMA mode 2

One of my two optical drives (on MB secondary IDE) always reports that it is running in this mode whilst the other one reports Ultra DMA mode 2. It is always which ever one I set as slave, so it cant be to do with the drive itself. I have an 80 strand cable so it’s not that. I’ve read that a way round this problem can be using the intel accelerator application thing (if that’s what it’s called) but my MB is ASUS A7N8X deluxe with Athlon XP 2600) so has anyone any ideas how to get round this for us AMD people?

It’s likely that your optical drive doesn’t support a better mode than (M)WDMA-2…

But if I switch the drive to master it changes to UDMA mode 2 and the other one changes from that to mutiword mode 2! Can’t understand it. And it’s a 16X DVD-ROM (LG 8163B) so it needs a faster mode to be able to read at 16X?

Nforce2 chipset?

The fact that there are now TWO driver remixers (the other called Morpheousware) tells you all you need to know about NVIDIA motherboard driver quality - they’re too busy cheating on video benchmarks.

UDMA2 (ATA/33) doesn’t need an 80 wire cable, and while it’s always said that it shouldn’t make a difference, maybe a 40 wire cable would actually be better.

Are they set in BIOS? - have you autoset them in BIOS since moving them - there may be a limit set there.

When I say autoset, I mean run the detect drives, and save the results, though if you are chaniging drives round a lot, it may be as well to set the drive type, mode and speed to AUTO, though this can be a startup timewaster - in some cases the time delay while it hunts for drives, may stabilze a marginal configuration.

With a problem on either drive as slave, the other issue may be that neither drive is good at being master.

Thank you very much - I’ve solved the problem, both are now running in UDMA mode 2. For some reason the slave on the secondary IDE was not set as auto in the bios. I changed this and now it’s fine - thanks again!