Multi vts

I like tmpeg dvd for its multi-vts capabilities, however it lacks a lot of menu making capabilities, is there another program that has multi-vts capabilities or able to create a video title set for each movie? or a track for each movie?

I need this for making a dvd with a intro movie plus a menu linking another two movies, an then be able to replace vts 2 and vts 3 with some other vts, again, I can do this on tmpeg dvd but its menu making sucks! I tried dvd workshop but only allow to do 2 vts.

here is an example

vts 1 =warning movie and menu
vts 2=fast and furious 1
vts 3=fast and furious 2

I hope I´ve been clear

Try DVDmaestro or Scenarist… those can do anything you want :stuck_out_tongue:

DVDLab can also be used, see

dvdlab is GREAT however is not multi-vts


You can use up to 99 titles with DVDlab…