Multi-Volume Archive .r## CRC32 failure

If you have a multi-volume RAR with one bad file, is it possible to remove the CRC32 checksum for that bad file? I mean, gosh darnit, the error can be imbedded in 32 stupid little bytes, since I thought CRC takes 28 bytes at a time and uses four verification byte values so that it can repair maximally 2 broken bytes. Such a little flaw is rather aggrevating when we’re talking about a file of over 4 GB, spread over 92 volumes.

So, can the Cyclic Redundancy Check be hoodwinked? It’s all too possible that 32 bytes make little or no difference at all, right?

Actually, CRC error means that there are errors in the file that cannot be repaired, but are discovered by the checksun - and so the contents cannot be extracted, because it is corrupted. It means the algorithm for decompression will not work correctly on the stuff that is archived - and removing the checksum will not help the extraction at all. Unfortunately, as in the case of 92-volumes archive.

:a Well that sucks ass. :a

Well, I have to copy the disk anew then. By rights I don’t really have to rar it again, luckily.