Multi trim with vision express

I have not figured out how to cut more than one commercial . I can cut one but not all of them. Can multiple cuts be made? Thanks

Don’t use “Cut”. Use the “Split” feature. Split at the start of the commercial and then again at the end of the commercial, then “delete” that section. You can do that for every commercial break. Remember to “save” frequently.

trak, thatnk you, i’ll try it. Do you know if there are audio synchronization problems doing this? I have been using ulead Movie factory IV and it doesn’t syncronize well

I haven’t had any synch problems with this method.

Trak, I have tried and tried but I’m missing something. It seems as tho the splits move around. I can’t get more than one split. When I make the first split then move the time bar over it changes and grays out the split button and I can’t split.

I had a similar problem with Power Producer and after some investigation I found that only limited editing capability was available as I was using an OEM version rather than a Retail version. Is it possible that a similar issue applies to NVE?

Oilman, thanks, but Trak walked me through it and it can be done.