Multi-Title DVD's (TV Shows)

i was just curious as to which way people go about making backups of complete seasons… for example Sopranos Season 1 or Scrubs Season 2. I have been using CloneDVD2 + anyDVD for a long time now, and my method seems to be similar to most - strip out all the unwanted stuff… leave the main titles and english audio. But i have always backed these up onto Single Layer DVD+R’s, and although i see a quality difference, i can live with it. Do you think it is worth using Dual Layers for these season compilations (now that i purchased a new burner) or is it just a waste of money for added quality that isnt neccessary.

i will on the otherhand be using some of my verb +R DL for the huge Planet Earth series!!

just wondering how you guys approach TV Series released on DVD.

Quality is really something that’s subjective in regards to how much quality loss you’re willing to tolerate. Some people will settle for nothing less than original quality, while others are fine with some quality loss. If you can live with it, then I would just say to continue living with it. DL media is still far more expensive when compared to SL media. Another option would be to essentially split the content across two discs so that you can preserve the original quality while still using SL media.

AFAIK , DL media (only Verbs for me)are well worth it! having said that if you can live with SL and see very little diff. then stick to it. let your eyes be the judge…

IMHO, CloneDVD is probably the lowest quality rentention on these types of higher compression required titles.
You can however, use CloneDVD W/AnyDVD to rip the Sopranos / Scrubs discs to your harddrive in full, without any compression…then use DVDRebuilder to reduce it to single-layer 4.35GB size.
I did all my Sopranos DVDs with DVDrebuilder and all of them look virtually as good as the originals. It does take a few hours to encode with Rebuilder, but is well worth it in the end. I usually set it up to run while I sleep,.

DVDRebuilder has a free and Pro version, check it out. :wink:

If I wanted to backup my TV series disks, I’d use the re-author mode of Shrink and put two episodes on a single layer disk. It’ll cost a lot less than DL and they’ll probably last longer too.

I think the back up method depends entirely on the series. The compression on a 1/2 hour sitcom like Scrubs is not too bad when using a SL disc. The series I have really appreciated a DL back up were the 2 seasons of sleeper cell and Brotherhood where they piled on 4 hours of episodes plus extras on each disc. I tried one SL back up of theses disc and the picture was horrible.

DVD Rebuilder… :slight_smile: :wink: …beats using DL discs for episodial back-ups, which are usually of a lower bitrate to begin with.

BTW, the Sopranos had a couple 4 episode discs as well, they turned out fine on single layer back-ups using Rebuilder.

However, it’s strictly up to the OP whether they want to use DL discs or SL discs… :cool:

Using Shrink in this way would result in the loss of the menus, which are a little more important for episodic DVDs. It’d be better to use something like VobBlanker to remove the unwanted material first before running the DVD through your favorite transcoder.

The best way to breakup episodic DVDs is DVDFab Platinum’s split feature.

As mentioned Re-author in DVDShrink will result in loss of menu.

Platinum’s split feature will split the episodes in half, while keeping the menus and extras on each disc. Very nice and very handy, and keeps quality at 100%.

If you wanna split a DVD, VobBlanker does it for free, retaining menus on both DVDs. Guide on site.

If you want to re-encode (not transcode), MBK is right - use DVD Rebuilder. The quality will outperform anything else out there.


What is the difference in re-encode and transcode? What makes DVD Rebuilder so good at handling the high compression DVDs as opposed to say DVD Shrink?

Does rebuilder burn the whole movie such as Shrink does?

Ignoring a few technicalities and the individual nuances of the different programs, transcoders essentially assume that certain aspects of the original encoding are already optimal and they use these values to make several assumptions about the data they’re processing.

Each of the transcoders has its own individual tricks to optimise the process but essentially they all just reduce the overall bitrate based largely on the original settings.

Encoders on the other hand redo everything from scratch, analyse scenes, generate new motion vectors, optimise bitrate throughout etc etc.

Reencoding takes longer but there’s a huge difference in quality which becomes increasingly apparent the higher the degree of compression.

As has been said by others DVD Rebuilder is highly recommended.


The only version of DVD Rebuilder I see available for download is 0.98 an old version.

So Rebuilder doesnt alter any information it simply re-encodes and better fits the quality?

The 0.98v is the free version. It comes w/ a v of HC (which I don’t think is the latest, but pretty good). v0.98 will not run multiple instances of the encoder which can be done if you opt to purchase the DVD Rebuilder Pro version (depending on your CPU, u can cut encoding time substantially (more than half), especially w/ a quad core CPU, by running multiple instances of the encoder).
The Pro v is updated regularly, has the latest v of HC encoder, and has additional features that the 0.98v does not have.

DVD R will compress with better quality especially if a large movie. Refer to Wombler’s reply.

After DVD R is done, I use ImgBrn.

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That’s the free version.

The Pro version has more features but uses the same encoders so encoding quality is the same.

You can try the free version and then donate to get the Pro version if you decide you want the extra features (listed on the website).