Multi Title DVD Best Way To Compress?

Hi ive compiled various multi dvds and compressed them

using TMPGEnc DVD Author to author

and various to comprees like CloneDVD,Nero Recode,DVD2One etc

but cant seem to get a quality that satifies me, ive got multi title dvds that ive bought with 3 retail Movies on in full 5.1 sound with good quality video

but just cant seem to figure out how they did it.

can anyone recomend some good guides or techniques to get them down to size (Minimum 3 retail movies).

yes i would be interested also i can put two on using tmpgenc and shrink but have got some multies with 3 or more that are good quality mine are crap if i compress past 2 movies

Are the retail dvd’s you bought d-5 or d-9 ? The movies might already be of low compression and any more compression takes out to much of the information resulting poor video quality. If you have the dvd’s ripped to your hd open some of the vob’s with Avicodec or Gspot and take note of the video bitrate and resolution and post here so I/we can look at it. The more info the better.

Hi sorry it took a while to reply but been busy found out that from a web evaluation that Intervideo DVDCopy has the best technology for compressing DVD 9 tried it and had much better results.

or another good way is to de-multiplex then reecode the ac3 5.1 to a mp2 2 channel audio about 128.

also convert titles to MPEG2 then reauthour back to DVD.

BUT, some of the multi DVD,s ive bought before “NOT FROM SHOPS” ie Custom multis
have still had 5.1 sound and video has been still quite good quality so i was wondering in anyones opinion what is the best Software for rencoding the birate of a M2v file that have been de-multiplexed from a vob title set any suggestions will be much apreciated.

Also… ive had success with various multi with excellent video/audio quality eg. Evil Dead Trilogy, Hellraiser Trillogy, Star Wars Trilogy, but having a bit of trouble with LOTR Trilogy just cant seem to get the the pixelation to stop, i know its because the they r 3 hours long each but ive seen a LOTR multi and theres been no pixelation.

“ive seen a LOTR multi and theres been no pixelation.” can be so but it will be blurry as hell. Mainconcept, Procoder, TMPEnc all tend to blur the picture which results in little pixelization. CCE on the other hand retains the crispness of the picture with slightly more pixelization than the other 3.

The trick to get 3 movies on a dvd is to encode them to 1/2 D1 (352x480 NTSC or 352x576 PAL) The multies that cont 4,5 or 6 movies are encoded to even smaller pic size (352x240/288, the old VCD sizes :slight_smile: ) to fit them all on to the one DVD. DVD2SVCD can do all this, just use TMPGEnc as the encoder and not CCE.

Nice. :iagree: Another way is author them together, save it ignoring file size warning (as with some authoring apps), then use DVDRebuilder to re-encode at half D1. If compiled with DVDShrink, save with no compression. Always liked DVD2SVCD, lots of options. Fewer options using DVDRB, but sometimes that’s a good thing. :wink:

Cheers Guys will try DVD2SVCD and DVD Rebuilder but which mode in DVD Rebuilder is best to use ive tried in bast with CCE v2.50 installed and tried that mode but get errors in creating the m2v files

Grim, this may be easiest: Go to

See “Main Download Site”? Open in a new window and download the latest installer version. It includes a new routine to select your encoder. (Too many people can’t get DVDRB working to save their lives. I suspect that in some cases the problem involves a cracked version of CCE. In others it may be an incompatible version of AviSynth. Or maybe they need to try EclCCE, for some reason the encoder control list is not being generated. Like with a CCE trial version. :wink: Not implying anything, Grim. ) Before running the installer, expunge previous versions, including AviSynth.

Anyway, on the same page there are links to guides for setting up and using DVDRB, look for them. You should read one.

If you still can’t get it to work, give up and go here:

Get the latest DVD2SVCD bundle. There are links to guides on the right of the page. You’ll need to read some, as DVD2SVCD is a bit more complicated than DVDRB, IMHO.

Good luck. :slight_smile:

but ive seen a LOTR multi and theres been no pixelation.

would that of been mine m8 [just curious]if so this took many,many hours of encoding heck of a long time and is also on dual layer dvd more room you never gunna get this to fit on single layer dvd keeping good quality.

Multi of what?
The ext. alone comes on 2x DVD9s.

I Make Multi Title DVD’s on Dual-Layer and Upload them with Demonoid
Here is how I Do It …I Like The Quality Verry Much!
(its with Hard-Coded Subs!)

suddenly Menu Problems with DVD Author 1.6! (Works Fine Now!!!)[/I][/U]

[B]If you want those programs MSN:[/B]

How to make

5 Movies on 1 DVD+R Dual Layer!..
With [Hard-Coded] Subtitles & Awesome Theme DVD-Menu

The Process is very Fun Because you must Frame Your Own Subtitle
into the movie (with VirtualDub) And Make a Virtual .Avi File that
is directed to the Ripped MAIN Movie (ripped with DVDDecrypter)

Because it is a Virtual .avi file (not a real avi or xvid file) the Output
Quality Is Stunning! as good as the original "…and with ((making)) the Menu
and all its awesome to make “AND have” a DVD (Dual Layer)
that Contains 5 Movies on It with subtitles.

You can Convert up to 5x …120/130 Minutes Movies from it with Stunning!
Quality, I tried Converting CASINO of 3hours & Test-burn it
…but the result where pore!

I Say Time-Spending …Because to make one single converted movie …you are
5 hours away from the beginning…into 5 long steps & 4 semi-short ones!

When i made the READ!! (THINGS TO DO FOR 5 DVD MOVIES ON DL.txt) File
I also wanted to put “how to Display .BMP Images” that I wanted
to make with PrintScreen into the torrent file. But when I Finish
the .txt File 4 Hours Later!! i KNOW! that that’s not necessary
…because I Have made a Easy to Understand “STEP by STEP!” Walkthrough
> a Child of 6 Can Make this DVD-DL!!!

The Programs you need are listed beneath …but if you want the Complete
Walkthrough & Want To do This… you then must Download this Torrent!

With all the Programs in it & a Kill Bill Menu Theme + 2 .BMP file of it!

I Hope For Lots of Comments (of the Walkthrough) AND a Lots Of Downloads

Have Fun Converting!..

First Make Sure Befor you Install those Programs,
if you are sure you want to do this!

"5 Movies into 1 DVD+R Dual Layer With Menu"

1: DVDDecrypter [To get rite of the DVD Protection]
2: DGIndex [to say where the DVD is at + Wav Sound]
3: VFAPIConv [for making a virtual .avi file]
4: SubRip [To rip the Subtitle in a .srt file]
5: srt2ssa [other subtitle format for VirtualDub]
6: VirtualDub [To Frameserve the .ssa Subtitle] [MUST “WMV9 VCM” Installed!]
7: TMPGEnc Plus 2.5 [to make a .mpg (DVD) file
8: TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6 [How to easy Make a Kill Bill menu Concept!]
9: TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6 [To make DVD (.vob) files out of the 5 .mpg files]
10: Nero 6 [To Burn your Awesome 5 movies on DL :p]

First Make Sure Befor you Install those Programs,
if you are sure you want to do this Converting!


So First Install All The Programs that must be installed
And "in VirtualDub > Under auxsetup "INSTALL HANDLER & “HIT proxyon”

AND don’t forget to Install “WMV9 VCM”


  1. FIRST YOU HAVE TO Rip your DVD using DVDDecrypter IN FILE MODE > Main movie Only
    …+ IFO Files but that I’m not sure of (I thing the ifo file is for the sub?)

When Done See 2.

  1. OPEN DGIndex

2.1…AND OPEN THE FIRST .VOB FILE of the movie you want to convert
a few vob files will appear & CLICK OK!

2.4 SET AUDIO > 48->44.1KHz @ High
2.5 HIT FILE > Save Project @ Give it a Name “in A Steady MAP/Direction airy”

Steady Because all the files you have converted at the end,
Because most of it are Virtual Directed.

2.6 When Done; You Have A .d2v file & the .WAV file …if not? …believe me They there!

When Done See 3.

  1. Befor you Open VFApiConv First hit the “vifpset” in that DIR “to work with VirtualDub”


3.1.2 AND OPEN THE .D2v file in there AND Extract it in 30Sec. time

3.2.1 then The VFApi-Plugin while converting in DGIndex is not ON!
3.2.1 To Slove this: Make sure you Dont place DGIndex in Start-Program’s But start from DIR

When Done See 4.

4: OPEN SubRip

4.1 AND OPEN THE MAIN MOVIE FIRST .VOB FILE (set it to search .vob instead)

if done Save The Subtitle file

4.5 TIP: IT almost ALWAYS CONVERT: “THE [Caps Lock] I” “to a a single l"
4.6 Ignore this Because if you have to Make a .ssa of this .srt file at a later point
"you must do this in ARIAL letter type”<>“and there to two letters look the Same!”

When Done See 5.

  1. OPEN srt2ssa

5.1 Browse to the Just Made .srt file
5.2 USE Arial @ Size 36
5.3 HIT Down “78” Pixels for 16:9 movies … OR HIT Down “39” Pixels for FULL Size (4:3) Movies
5.4 HIT Primary “To the White Colour” & HIT Tertiary "To the Yellow Colour"
5.5 HIT Convert @ your DONE

When Done See 6.

  1. OPEN VirtualDub

6.1 Then Under file TAB HIT “Open Video File” and select the Virtual .avi file You Made With VFAPIConv
6.2 HIT under “Video TAB” Above > Filters… & HIT "Add…"
6.3 Double-Click “Subtitler” & HIT the “Brows button” & Select the made .SSA File
6.4 After that you Must Hit Twice "OK"
6.5 HIT the file TAB again & select “Start frame server” & Hit Again "Start"
6.6 >> Then Give the File a Name >> IMPORTEND >> with file extension: .vdr & HIT “SAVE”

6.7 trough the whole TMPGEnc Plus 2.5 Process you must let stay the VirtualDub
frameserver POP-UP on your Desktop

When Done See 7.

  1. OPEN TMPGEnc Plus 2.5

7.1 HIT PAL/NTSC “Low Resolution” [Believe Me: if you stay with MAX 120/130! Minutes movies
You get Fuckin Higher Resolution then the Originals!]

7.2 Then you must Go For: "VBR MPGEG-1 Layer II Audio (MP2) and HIT NEXT
7.3 The Open The Video file …NO its not the Virtual .avi you made with
VFAPIConv …its the .vdr File You made with VirtualDub otherwise you
you don’t framserve to Subtitle into the movie (Duhhh) …I Know you smart :slight_smile:
> therefore "Set it to Search all (Video) Files & HIT The .vdr file!

7.4 for Audio go for the .WAV File made with DGIndex :slight_smile: & HIT NEXT
7.5 Hit The Square for Clip Frame > HIT Arrange Setting > AND Make sure it is set to Full Screen
(You are free/can Scroll it to see the Subtitle OR just have a look)

7.6 HIT OK & NEXT > Once again "OK"
7.7 SET Audio Bitrate “To 224” & Estimated file Size: Vink it all "to 1500,00"
7.8 HIT Next > "AND Put The .mpg File To once again: to a Steady MAP/Direction airy
where you can put all the 5 finished .mpg (DVD) file

(TIP use for each movie a MAP/Direction airy with FINISHED/DONE in it
LIKE "Spiderman DONE" ..Uhhh Duhhh ..I’m Talking to Newbies/nOObs now
NO: I’m just having FUN Typing This MUST READ File...)

7.9 HIT: Start Encoding Immediately > HIT OK …Now you must Wait C.A 4hours (For a P4 2.4Ghz)

When You’ve Done All your 5 Movies See 8.

  1. OPEN TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6

8.1 HIT: Create menu > Then HIT: Edit Menu Theme …Click YES
8.2 Layout of the MAIN menu & of the Track menu: Choose for Both "Layout 6 (#3)“
8.3 I Use Button image: Cloud …AND I/You Don’t Need A Thumbnail frame!
8.4 HIT OK
8.5 For MAIN Menu ((AND! Track #1 menu: See Other Kill Bill Image!))
U Can Use the Included Kill Bill Background Theme To set this
"HIT Edit” > Specify Background Image …AND HIT The KillBill.JPEG Image

TIP: You Must Save Both Images for The MAIN & Track Menu To A SAVE Place where
you never go but still can find it! …Because when You Save you “Menu Display” Project
to a TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6 .Project file And you move the Image later
It cant load the Background!.

8.6 (Still In MAIN Menu) I Typed for Title:

-Are You Bill?

"In System Txt Style @ Size 50"

"TITLE -ABOVE- Track1" &gt;&gt;&gt; SEE .BMP IMAGE

(Still In MAIN Menu) I Typed for Track1: "Click Here for choices in The Movie List"
Also In "System Txt Style  @ Size 34" "With Underline"

TIP TIP: Don’t Hit The Borders to Tight with the Text and buttons
...Because it will be cut off a bit!

8.7 Therefore I Set The “Play all” a bit above Bill’s Head!


8.9 Now You are In Track #1 menu > AND I’ll think You want Only One Track menu,
you can have more ((But that’s useless)) if you set all the Chapters in it.
Butt first Lets Make The Menu Concept & Save It as a Project File!

8.10 In “Untitled track1 >> I Typed: Have A Fun Watch!” Also in System @ Size 50
Here also “Look Out For the borders”

 See .BMP File for where I Placed It And Witch Colour I Use!

 Believe Me This Looks Awesome!!

8.11 Your Not Done Yet …HIT "Menu Display settings"
8.12 For General HIT "Main menu & Track menu"
8.13 AND FOR “Firstplay action” HIT “Display Main menu” (When Insert the DVD in you Player)
8.13 “DONT” Use motion menu settings > In The Motion Menu TAB. >> and Hit OK!
8.14 HIT “OK” once again at the right-bottom
8.15 HIT “OPTIONS” & Then Name and Save Project…(SAVE IT AT A SAVE PLACE!)
8.16 EXIT TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6


NOW YOU CAN BRING-IN THE 5 .mpg (DVD-File) Movies into TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6
To do So Read AND Learn how to do this in Chapter 9.

  1. OPEN TMPGEnc DVD Author 1.6 Once Again
    9.1 HIT “Options” And open “Environmental Settings”

9.2 Under "Dolby Digital encoder setting HIT "Re-encode MP2 audio to Dolby Digital"
9.2.1 U Must Have The “TMPGEnc Sound Plug-in AC-3 v1.10” Installed
9.2.2 That is Included <> Same For All Programs you need if you haven’t Noticed

9.3 Under “DVD Capacity Display type” HIT “Double layer 8.5 GB DVD Media” (Ghusss!)
9.4 Brows To A Steady Temporary folder “That you cant Miss” so you can delete it when done"
9.5 HIT OK

9.6 HIT “Options” Again & Tab “Open Project” …Now You Can Load The Kill Bill Project File!

9.7 Now You Can HIT “Source Setup” and “Add file” & Brows & Double Click on the movie
9.8 Make Sure "Re-Encode the audio using the output format of the track IS ON!
9.9 HIT “CHAPTER Cut Edit” And Make Frame Chapters ones each 10 Minutes! & hit “OK!”

9.10 "DO STEP 9.7 & 9.9 for all the 5 movies & HIT “Output” > Make Sure: Create DVD Folder is ON
9.11 HIT “Begin Output” & HIT “OK”

When Done …you can burn it right away using built-in DVD-Burner But you can Better Use NERO

…I Think you know how Burn DVD-Video File Using NERO if Not …Damn!

By MauriceNL AKA Beamerfreak!
Demonoid The Right Site For the Best Byte