Multi threading?

Hi All,

Are there any requirements (STA/MTA/??) for using the SDK in multiple threads?
If I instantiate the Nero object (new NeroClass()) in my main thread and call GetDrives() to really initialize it, then I can’t use it in another thread because of some DLL loading problem.
All from the just main thread causes no problems.

I’m using NeroCom.dll from C# VS2005.


This seems to be a bug in the latest version of the SDK. It seems that noone at Nero are willing / able to fix it. The only way I can see you being able to use the COM object is within a single thread. This is hardly ideal since if something goes wrong, the COM object will lock up your application. Still until they fix this, there is no alternative save using an earlier less feature rich version of the COM object.

For the application that we wrote using NeroAPI, we had to start up a process for each disc drive that was to be burned to. We found no other work around.