Multi Session DVD



Hi, Totally new to this DVD thing, should have stuck to CD-R. I’ve burned a DVD using multi sessions and now I can only see my first session. I added files to the DVD until it was full, which took a total of five sessions in all. I used Roxio Easy CD Creator 5 Basic. When I use windows explorer I can only see my first session files and folders. I can see the data tracks using Nero but not the files and folders(sessions 2 - 5), is there anyway I can recover my missing files and folders. The last session I added told me the DVD would be finalized and no further sessions could be added, when the program finished I got the message “disk successfully created” but now missing most of my files. Thanks for any help.



Have a try at this utility called CD/DVD Diagnostic. I have used it to recover files from CDs but have not tried it on DVDs. You can download a trial version:



also give ISOBuster (its free) a try if the above doesn’t work


Many thanks for the help, ISOBuster did the job and like you say it’s FREE. :bow: