Multi session disc problem?

Hi all,

I upgraded to a PIONEER DVR-111D a while ago, and have noticed that ever since, i cannot make a multi session disc, i select multi session, write the disc, all goes ok, but when i try to add more data, the disc is always reported as closed?.

I am running WIN XP SP2, and also VISTA 32Bit dual boot.

I have tried Nero Latest version, and Roxio Easy Media Creator 9.

The disc is always closed after write, even though i am selecting multi session?, never had this problem with my old drive, which was a LG-412D I think.

I dunno. A DVD+RW will always be reported as closed, but you can continue writing to it.

Well i use mostly DVD-R, in multisession mode, but all programes say “THIS DISC IS NOT WRITABLE”, ???

I am well confused, i have to keep writing new discs every time i want to add tiny bits of data.

This will only give issues!

Multisession mod eon DVd media is a NO-GO!

yep, that’s right!
I’ve trying multisession disc on a Princo -003 8x once, the burning process was successful, but upon inserting the media, explorer recognized it as a blank media. the only way to look what’s on the disc was with IsoBuster.
so, don’t try multisession on a DVD media (even nero only has DAO mode for DVD media), at least until DVD media has become what a CD media right now (from a compatibility issue)

besides, Princo is inferior media.

I don’t know about other types, but multisession works fine on DVD+RW, with my XP machines.

dit it works all the time?I mean not just once?I also have experienced a successfull multisession disc (one or two I reckon), but generally, 8 out of 10 multisession DVD was failed.Maybe you’ve got a nice ODD and Media?what ODD and media did you used for multisession?

I use Verbatim. These have a MID of MKM A02. I have generally used my Lite-On 1693 burner or a Benq 1655.

You are right in questioning this. I do think there are re-lilnking errors involved, but so far they are minor. The media and burners vary greatly in burn quality.

It seems the Verbatim discs are the best by a considerable margin. My old Lite-On 1693 is also the best with this media by a considerable margin. The Benq comes in second, and my newer Liteys ( 6 and 7 series) are a somewhat distant third.

DVD+RW is specialized for such things, over superior about DVD-RW in this case.

But Multisession mode on DVd is a bad thing, really.

I’ve done a lot of multisession writing on DVDs, DVD-R, +R, and RW, never had any issues that were not self-inflicted or due to software bugs. I use Nero 6, LiteOn, LG and NEC burners.

That are many…

MKM? well, I thought that Verbatim only use Mitsubishi (MCC) on their media…it’s hard to find any DVD+RW here in Indonesia

MKM = Mitsubishi Kagaku Media :slight_smile:

whooppsss… :o
never find MKM media here, but Taiyo Yuden is so easy to find (TG02 that is, or is it TYG02?)