Multi-Session CD's

This might be a really obvious problem / solution but I am having trouble with multi-session CD’s in that my LITE 40125W CD-RW is fine creating multi-session CD-R but when I try to view a multi-session CD in Explorer or any other application Windows (XP) reports the drive is not accessible. If I open Nero (6) and close it almost immediately the drive spins and the the multi-session CD is viewable. if I finalise the CD it’s also fine. I have upgraded the firmware of the CD/motherboard and ensured the ASPI layer is current.
Is this a fault (and does anyone know a solution) or is this normal (and if so why does opening Nero and closing it result in the fix- albeit temporary).
Any guidance on this infuriating problem would be appreciated.

Could possibly be an ASPI issue.
Make sure your ASPI layer is functioning properly.
Go here to read up more on what ASPI is.
Click here to download Force ASPI and fix a broken layer.

It could also be caused by any Packet writing software (example, InCD) you have on your machine. Try uninstalling it and try again.