Multi Sessio CD-R's



I recently began downloading some music, mostly in FLAC or full res files. When burning to CD-R (Taiyo Yuden) with BURRN I notice it has an option to uncheck closing (finalizing) a disk. When I uncheck the option and hit the Burrn button it tells me that the drive does not support multi-session discs. The drive is a Sony DVD Optiarc internal about 4 years old. Is the multi session capability something that is standard on newer drives as I cannot seem to find this referenced in any spec or feature on newer models?
My goal is partially burn a CD-R from computer files then finish it with selected parts of a standard CD before closing.
Thanks in advance for any info.


You don’t want to use multi session for an audio CD, stand alone and car units will only play the first session. It’s curious that your burner doesn’t support multi-session, what Optiarc model is it?


I’ll have to look when I get home. Once the CD is closed or finalized, would the TOC not include all the songs to be read by any CD player then?


CD players only see the TOC of the lead-in of the disk, each session has it’s own TOC.


Oh, well then yeah… That won’t work…Thus the term multi session I suppose, that also yields multi TOC’s. I’ve never heard of that before…
I am used to my Fostex studio CD Recorder deck that can burn whatever, stop and resume again at anytime and any number of times and then “finalize” the CD by writing out a singe TOC for any player to recognize. I was hoping that the DVD burner would accomplish the same thing for CD but looks like not.

Thank you so much for the info.


The “add some later” way for audio is track at once, rather than multisession, not sure if Burrrn can use TAO mode.

One drawback of TAO, because it writes track by track, it is impossible to avoid track gaps. TAO is a single session, which is finalized after adding the last tracks (remember to set it to close then). May need to try a different writeing program