Multi region




I am looking for a bit of help, i have a Hitachi DV-W1E dvd player
and it was playing all regions but for some reason it now only plays region 2.
Does anybody know how to change the region?



i looked it up and is seems it cant play all regions. If you copy a disk with anydvd it will remove regions, and you will be able to play it on your dvd player.


Thanks for your help, i downloaded that program and it is quite good but i am looking to be able sort out my player without copying all my discs. It was playing R1 discs before and i have not changed anything that i know of, is there anything else i can try?


Go to your local Hitachi website and shoot an email off to their support staff and see if they can come up with an answer. If the unit is fairly new (sounds like it is) then surely they’ll be able to give you an answer.


Probably DVD43 and VLC tool could help you…


this site here doesn’t have any region hacks for it, so i take it you can’t make it region free