Multi-region JLMS XJ-HD166S

Greetings… a little help would be much appreciated…

Is there any way (via software, shareware or freeware) that I can make my JLMS XJ-HD166S DVD-ROM [/COLOR] drive multi-region ?

I am currently using PowerDVD to view files… :confused:

Thanks, in anticipation…


freeware DVD43

try and buy AnyDVD

mikyanto :slight_smile:

Thanks mikyanto…

Just had a look at and it seems to me (as a complete novice) to be suitable for removing the copy protection from DVD’s but would it also make my DVD-ROM multi-region ? Am I being thick ?

Sorry to be such a rookie…


All you need is Kprobe which can set this easily. Otherwise some other apps for setting multiregion can be found at this site.