Multi Region DVD Player Codes LG LRH-780

I need some help,i have an LG LRH 780 dvd player region 1.i need to play region 2 or multi region

I need help on this one THANKS
email adress :

thanks a lot :sad: :doh:

Region 2 is europe’s PAL format right? anyhow i dl’d and burnt some PAL dvds which my last dvd player a phillips dvp642/37, plays no problems with tthe region free code for that player, i just got the LG lrh780 for christmas and i just put in one of the pal discs and it took a little longer to start playing but the player is playing it as i type. a region hack may not be needed for this machine.

I have 5 could be 7 DVD players/Recorders set to be Region free but since all my DVDs are region 1 I have no way to test to be sure.