Multi region code LG LRH-780

:doh: HI,
I need some help,i have an LG LRH 780 dvd player region 1.i need to play region 2 or multi region

I need help on this one THANKS
email adress :

Hi, after many days and lots of different tries to find a multiregion hack for this recorder, I finally found a way that works. It’s a bit involved, but here it is:

  • Go to this site:

  • Click on the 5000 DVD Player and download the zip file “”

  • Unzip the folders and files to the hard drive in exactly the same order as they are in the zip.

  • Burn the folder “RMTM0000” (including sub files and/or folders) to a blank CDR, naming the CDR “CODEFREE”

  • Make sure you record the disc as Disk At Once (DAO) and as a closed (once only) session.

  • Make sure you burn the disc in Joliet mode (not ISO)

  • Insert the disc into the player (with the player in DVD mode, and Input set to “AV1”). It won’t play, but the disc icon in the left hand upper corner will read “DATA”. Next, press the “Home” key on the remote. Scroll to the Movie icon, then down to disc. Hit the “Enter” key on the remote. After a few seconds, a Region Select menu will come up. Press “0” on the remote for multi-region. Then press the pause key. Then press the Return key.

  • Turn the player off and then on again. You now have a multi-region player. :bigsmile: