Multi Region code for LG RH7500

I’ve just purchased an LG RH7500 and would like to make it multi region. Does anybody know the code for this?

Go here and click on “Region code hack here” under “Other Features” to see if one exists. I can’t check right now since I’m at work and we have a firewall that blocks links with the word “hack” in them.

Thanks for that, the hack didn’t seem to work however, do you know of any other sites.


The hack for RH-7500 is the same as RH-7800

Power On
Open tray
Press 0 button 7 times

Good Luck

Am I supposed to get a message, as nothing happens when I press the 0 button 7 times

You are supposed to get a message. why dont u try this:

Power On, insert the other region dvd in and the it will say wrong region. afterward Open tray and Press 0 button 7 times (when u press it, sometime it wil not receive ur signal from the reomte so use to remote in fornt of ur dvd and press it 7x slowly) Try it over and over it should work. I think the problem is that some of the signal are just not received by the player :iagree: