Multi-program DVD burning issue

Ok, here’s a brain scratcher for all the cdfreak techies out there… i’ll try to keep this short and sweet. A friend of mine wanted me to burn him a couple dvds, well 1 dvd that’s 3 discs, kind of like a box set. Anyways, I figure no big deal, I’ve never had any issues copying dvd’s before. So I go to copy the first disc, (using dvd shrink, then save as ISO and burn with nero) no big deal, it worked blah blah. Then I try disc 2 and this is where the issues start. I went through the same process and it looks like it burns, no error messeges or anything, but it didn’t write anything to the disc. Sounded like it the drive was writing and software ran normal all that. So I assume it was an encryption issue. The discs are CSS… but it managed to burn the first one hmm? I downloaded a few other programs to help trouble shoot my issue…ANYDVD…DVDFAB…1clickdvdcopy…DVD Decrypter…all of these programs seem to be working fine, say burn process completed all that good stuff. Its almost like none of them are finalizing the discs…They just don’t write anything to the blank DVDs. I’ve tryed skipping the ISO creating and burning straight to DVD. Tryed multiple burn speeds. Tryed switching DVDs and burning a different one that wasn’t encrypted. It doesn’t want to copy any dvds now even ones i’ve copyed before, but reads and plays dvds fine…I’m lost now…drivers crap out or something? strange that it would burn the first disc, but now no dvd at all…

toshiba satellite A205 S5800
downgraded stock vista to xp SP3

Drive:TSSTcorp CDDVDW TS-L632H

Burning software: Nero, DVD Shrink, Alcohol 120, Magic ISO, DVDFAB, ANYDVD, DVD Decrypter, 1clickdvdcopy…

Blanks DVDs:
memorex DVD+R 16x printable (never had issues with these before)

no burning error messeges to post…

Thanks in advance.

@ Strangetimes,

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Virtual Drive software programs similar to Alcohol 120% are notorious for causing various conflict error problems.

Suggest completely removing any and all Virtual Drive Software Programs installed on your Computer. Also for troubleshooting suggest removing all the various CD/DVD Burning Software Programs you have installed on your Computer. After removing all these Software Programs then reboot your Computer.

Then suggest installing the ImgBurn ( software program and after installing the ImgBurn ( Software Program then Burn a Disk using the ImgBurn ( Software Program. Then post the full complete ImgBurn Log File for annalist.


Thanks for the fast reply bjkg,
I will try this as soon as I get home from work and post the results.


Hey bjkg,
I took your advice and removed all of those programs. Restarted the computer, downloaded imgburn/installed, restarted again. Successfuly created the ISO. An error occurred while trying to verify. I included an attachment of the log.


ImgBurn.txt (6.84 KB)

did you uninstall the SPTD drivers?

I’ve never heard of SPTD drivers before, I did a quick google of them and found an installer/uninstaller from duplexsecure? Do I want to remove all of them from my computer? Will this cause issues with other programs?

It gets installed when you install Alcohol 120 and a few other programs and has been known to cause problems with other programs

@ Strangetimes,

If I am understanding your above #4 posting correctly you are stating that when using the ImgBurn v2.4.4.0 software program you do not have any problems with the Burned Disk other than the disk ‘Verify’ failed is that correct?

Perchance did you in fact completely un-install the SlySoft ‘AnyDVD’ software program and/or disable the SlySoft ‘AnyDVD’ software program as warned in the ImgBurn Log File?

Also it should be noted that in many instances CMC MAG-M01-00 DVR+R Media has proven to be problematic Media. To ensure consistent quality error free results suggest only using proven quality error free Media such as Taiyo Yuden or Verbatim Media which has an excellent track record of producing consistent quality error free results.


If I am understanding your above #4 posting correctly you are stating that when using the ImgBurn v2.4.4.0 software program you do not have any problems with the Burned Disk other than the disk ‘Verify’ failed is that correct?

This is correct, everything looks and sounds fine. The other programs didn’t show any errors, but then again I never tryed to verify using the programs. And I originally did uninstall slysofts anydvd like you suggested as well as the other programs. I tryed to burn the dvd after removing all those programs with imgburn, it prompted about css protection, so I reinstalled anydvd for this step alone. I did infact [U]disable[/U] it while writing the ISO to the disc as prompted by imgburn.