Multi Processor and Cropped movies



So i just got my first dvd burner (nd-3520a) and I am trying to find out what the best dvd movie back software would be for my setup. I checked through the forums but couldnt quite find what I need.

First, is there any software that would take advantage of a second cpu (dual opteron)? I’m trying to find somethng that will rip a dvd 5 straight off to a dvd-r and in the case of a dvd9, allow me to cut the intro, extra audio tracks credits etc to allow for the highest image quality. Ideally less steps would be better but not at the expense of quality.

I also have a second dvd drive in the computer is there software that would take advantage of that, maybe direct burning from a dvd5 or encoding two dvds at a time one on each processor?

I appreciate your help, I am really excited about this setup. Now I can finally raid my film fiend friends collections.



one other question, do any of the programs make use of the gpu (nvidia 6800)?