Multi Pass LightScribe Labeling



Does somebody know a software which can label a media in 2 or even more passes so I can step away and drink a coffe without starting the process again by hand?


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ELCU will do roughly the same in one pass as two passes without ELCU - it’s all explained on :wink:


The ELCU tool is already up and running but I get still more contrast if I print the label twice + ELCU. Unfortunately I get a strange vignetting effect if I print the label more than once… ->


Two passes in best quality with ELCU is too much, the result will probably be worse. You’ll have to manipulate the image before labeling (convert to greyscale, increase contrast, etc…).


I altered the image already in Photoshop but even with ELCU enabled the burn lacks contrast I think. I just tried HP +R 16x CMC MAG M01 000 media so far. Is any other media any better?


Due to their different construction, it’s impossible to get the same contrast on DVD’s as on CD’s. DVD’s have a more “opaque” look (or however you wish to call it). CD’s can look impressive, but DVD’s are mostly disappointing. I don’t think you’ll get significantly better results by using another brand of discs. Of course there’s nothing like personal experience, so you could try some Verbatims.