Multi moniter truble

hello all

       right i have a 3 screen setup (see specs bellow) and i want all the monitors to force out put at boot up, and all the locations of desktop items to stay were they are wether the screen is on or not.

O/S : windows 7 x64
mobo: ASUS M4A785TD-V EVO
RAM: 2x 2GB DDR3

The on-board feeds through a hdmi cable to the 22" UMC hdtv for watching films ect

the prim vid card is connected to through dvi to my main 19" veiwsonic for gaming and general tasks

the sec vid card is connected through vga to a kv switch to a 18" hanns-g for computer tools and monitoring

at the miniute i have to turn on all moniters at boot for them to be avalible i just want to force the output all the time, ie turn the tv and secondery moniter on after boot up and the screen will be there, and then maybe tune the epu to shut down the cards wen not in use.

i have bean researching this for the past few days to no result. thanx in advance for youre help.

p.s if you need more info just ask

Moving your thread to the Hardware forum pog13, as this seems a bit complicated and you should get better answers there.

3 different kind of hardware devices connected in 3 different ways.

Thing is, most software drivers first check if the hardware is functioning. If it isn’t, it won’t load. Depending on how advanced the drivers and additional plugins are, it might be possible.

But in this case i seriously doubt you will ever find a solution. It’s a bit too complex for normal driver or plugin systems.

The only thing i could advice you is to look into master-slave switches. If your monitors/tv pop on the second they get power (so no default standby, but right into signal request) you might succeed there.

Thank you for your reply Mr. Belvedere

i did have the 2nd monitor running on the vga port of the on-board gpu. i added the 2nd card (ASUS n7300 GS) to take some of the load of the MOBO.

However i still couldn’t force all the outputs with that set up (just the on-board 4200 and the 4600 card)

I would consider losing the 2nd card if i could achieve my goal that way, though the graphics have been a lot smoother since i put the 2nd card.

this is not a major problem as both setups work, its just annoying that if i want to use the tv or a diff setup i need to reset the computer.

i guess ill just keep fiddling and may find a solution thanks again for the replay, though i would appreciate any other ideas for me to look into

I found a work around for this by changing the resolution of the monitor, it will then send a signal, then “refuse” the change, and all monitors will be on. The other solution is to have our screen saver come on after a “certain” amount of minutes (whatever works for you), this also will turn on the monitors when you touch your keyboard or mouse.

I have 2 Acer X223W’s, this problem started after a Microsoft update last spring, for 2010 for me. I always make sure that the “settings” dialogue box appears on the monitors that functions all the time, as well as the “START” button.