Multi ISO's into 1

I have created ISO’s from 5 CD’s and would like to know if there’s a way to convert them into 1 ISO that can be burned to a DVD.

Depending how big your iso’s are, burn them to dvd a data. When you want install the so called iso’s, use a program like Alcohol 120% or Daemon Tools to mount the iso’s.

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thks for the info, but that i already knew. i want to turn the 5 ISO’s into 1 ISO and create a DVD from the 1 ISO.

Is this possible?

try using dvd remake pro or dvd lab. Both of these i believe will do what you want.

Well what are your iso’s.


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To be honest, the ISO’s are of a game that a friend made for me. I just didn’t want to have CD’s. So I thought maybe I could convert them into 1 and burn to DVD.

You will not be able to make them one iso. You know the rest.

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You have one lucky friend that will go out of his way (and break the law) to copy you a game :slight_smile:

Nonetheless, I have converted all my CD collection to ISO DVDs (all my legitimate CDs btw…)

It’s fairly easy… You can do that from within Alcohol120%. Just insert the CDs one by one and convert them to an image file (ISO for example). Do so for each CDs. Example you have 5 CDs, create 5 ISO image files. Place all 5 files on your DVD and burn as a DATA DVD (make sure you have sufficient space). Now when comes time to install something that, say, required those 5 CDs, all you have to do is mount each image one by one as each disk is requested, therefore you will avoid swapping CDs.

As to combining into one ISO I would not recommend it as some multi disc games and apps share some identical file names across many CDs, so you will run into a problem.

Hope this helps.


He all read knows that.

The question was can you merge them into one iso, and the answer is no.

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