Multi ISO.. Canthis be done?

OK first, I just wrote a long question here only to submit (After logging in) and then it told me I was not logged in so I lost all the specifics :sad:

Second… I have searched for this and though I saw a few on multi ISO’s I did not see one specific for what I want. So if a thread for this aready exists, please just post the thread link before you reprimand me.

What I have is a series of tutorial CD’s and many are only 200 to 500 MB complete each has its own autorun sequence. I know I can burn them as DATA and some say you can redefine the parameters of the ISO, say by making one big mother ISO.

What I would like is a program or a tutorial online that would walk me thru how to…

Create one DVD out of say 5 to 10 CD’s with some form of menu or at least the ability to run the specific tutorial with its specific autorun sequence, without having to burn them to the hard drive or virtual image later… Can this be done does anyone have any tips?

It really gets old hauling all these cds around and is useless in an age when all the data can go on one disk.

Thanks in advance for any suggestions and help

If they aren’t copy protected in any fashion, you can extract the files from the CD & create a folder structure with one CD in each folder.

Then make a HTML file which references the autorun.exe (or whatever) for each of them … burn.

I can’t help you on the .iso’s dsbro’s post sounds like a place to start.
I posted to give you a sugestion about posting.
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Thanks Cholla, I know better but just got lazy… With certain free email services I learned the hard way years ago and often have done what you said. In fact I always told my wife the same when she lost messages. Sadly this time I just got lazy and paid for it. Go figure… Murphy’s Law, eh?

Thanks Debro sounds like a good plan, and though I have made a few web pages playing with HTML I am not quite sure how to do this within a document that links inside a CD or DVD. I do have some other DVD’s with a HTML start page though it looks very involved with very artistic renderings and coordinates for the links. I don’t need something so professional I would just like an HTML page that says in simple text the name of each CD and a link so that when I click it opens the related tutorial.

CD 1 How to Hypnotize Chickens
CD 2 Underwater Basket Weaving
CD 3 Aliens Are People Too

Are there any web pages that you know of that might give details on how to do this? And more specifically how to link with the autorun on each… as if it were on my C drive I would link to (for instance) [B]C:\My Tutorials\CD 1 How To Hypnotize Chickens\autorun.exe[/B] would that be correct or what? With it being on the DVD how do I represent the source… Meaning I never have done this and I cant put D as maybe the drive will be on another PC with more than one DVD.

Also if my DVD is named ‘My Tutorials’, and CD’s 1-10 is linking to autorun on each file enough to start these programs or do I need to do anything else? Thanks again and excuse my ignorance.

Read this:

I found this on a philips lamps cd I have floating around on my desk.
If you have MS word, or similar, you can bash something up, assign links, save it as HTML & just fix up the links so they are [I]relative[/I].

Relative-> Philips-Files/program.exe
Absolute -> D:\philips-files\program.exe[/I]




<a target="_blank" title="Click here for CD 1" href="[B]subdirectory1/program.exe[/B]">
<a target="_blank" title="Click here for CD 2" href="[B]subdirectory2/index.html[/B]">

The red stuff you need to get from the autorun.inf of each CD & put it in there.