Multi Format Wanted

Can anyone advise on a DVD-Writer that can cope with the 5 main formats DVD-R DVD-RW DVD+R DVD+RW DVD-ROM and also CD?
I had though the NEC ND-1100A would do this but it is now being advertised as not supporting -R and -RW.
Why has the NEC changed its specification and is there something out there that will do everything.

As a separate topic are there any “home recording” machines which will also ccover multi format, maybe including a hard drive.

Thanks for any advice.

As far as I know,the only one that will is a PC based writer,is the SONY,but DVD-ram is the exception to what it burns. Maybe you might be better off with a component style recorder. AS for ‘home recording machines’,investigate Panasonic,I believe they just came out with one that includes a 20 or 40 gig hard drive. Best Buy would be a good place to start.