Multi episode dvds

anyone got a good guide on how to backup multi episode dvds with dvd2one. ive heard u can do it but need to use ifo edit aswell:confused:

found a good guide if anyone wants it (works fine):slight_smile:

this works but it’s only for one single episode…

I tried to make a Buffy dvd with 4 episodes on it…impossible !

just take a look at this site:


no u can do more than 1 episode with this guide ive done father ted (6 episodes) only fools and horses (6 episodes)pheonix nights (6 episodes) alan partridge (6 episodes) and each 1 fits on 1 disc takes about 80 mins to do. dont do all the color changing bit on the guide unless u want subtitles just a waste of time.

Used this method to do Men behaving badly Series One (six episodes)-basically to simplify things you extract the whole disc with your favourite tool, you then move the main vobs out and use ifo edit to ‘create ifos’ which joins all the eps togther. You can then go on to edit the ifo if there is multiple subs or audio on the series as explained in the guide or just load it straight into dvd2one now as normal (as I did in this case cos there was only one audio soundtrack and Im not arsed about subs at all)-result all six eps on one disc with the chapter conveniently starting on each new episode. trying x-files series one now and me mate is doing auf weidereen pet as I type.

I did a test run with the markwefc method and i think it’s to complex.

I tested this on my Band of Brothers discs:

  1. Decode to harddisk using DVDdecryptor in file mode select ALL FILES!

  2. Copy the unnescarry *.vob and .ifo to a safe place

  3. Let IFO-Edit 0.95 make a new .ifo file for you

  4. Run this new version trough DVD2one (select EVERYTHING sound/subs!)

  5. Demux *.m2v with VOBedit

  6. Copy the stored above files back (step 2)

  7. open main movie *.ifo in IFOedit and strip out unwanted streams and remux the demuxed *.m2v back in

  8. Correct VTS sectors etc.

  9. burn…

Since B.o.B is the only multi episode disc i own, i can’t tell if the above method works on other multi-episode discs too.

(but feel free to sponsor the two C.S.I boxes and i will test them too :wink: )

Iam very interested on ripping Band of Brothers, but i think this can be easy done by Maestro.
I didnt try this method but i will. So if some one tryed it please post results!

dimorg : I did tested myself on my BoB Discs and it works like a charm :slight_smile:

Tell me the easyest method for BoB and how much each disk is big in GB…

try this guide just leave section 5 of the guide out its only subtitles, its simple and works every time.

Yes this guide is super its not too complicated ill give it a try with subtitle because i need it…

tnx m8

I have tried my first method (which is basically exactly the same as yours mark) and after trying 5 different small variations such as merging all vobs into one vob, blah blah blah… I still run into the exact same problem. Fast forwarding between episodes 15 and 40 ore rewinding goes instantly. This actually happens after creating ifo for the set though not after dvd2one so that means it is not a dvd2one error. However it still makes this method rather iffy. I plan to try demux/remux like Rene mentioned. I will let you know if it helps at all. If not then I will try to reauthor it in maestro and see what happens.

I just ran a test of DVD2One with “MakeItEasy” on a 4 episode DVD. It contained 4 Episodes with 2 show in each episode. First I Rip’d the ENTIRE dvd with Decrypter, Followed the instructions in MakeItEasy, I created three difeerent folders just to keep everything in place i.e. DVD1, DVD2, DVD3. When I got it all completed I burned with RecordNow DX, came out perfect, all menues in place exacetly where they should be. played back in three different DVD players, Panasonic RV 32, Pioneer DV 343 and Panasonic E20. My original was a set of Old TV Westerns.


I have followed the guides to do a multi episode disk but when I play it it plays the first episode only:confused:

Yet when I play it through power dvd it plays fine:confused: :confused:

Can anyone tell me where I have gone wrong:)


I have tried several combinations with the x-files first season DVD but no success, the first Episode works great, hehe, it’s the 0 position at vobs, that was easy, but the second episode starts in which should be the middle of the first one (i am using ifo edit to see each chapter images). And yes i have tried ifoupdate, and ifoedit getvtssectors, but no success… any help would be very appreciated, or at least a clue for where to go on searching.



Delete the IFOs and BUPs from the newly created VOBs after using DVD2ONE

Create new IFO using IFOedit and do the Audio, subs, and sub color all over again

This should fix the problem with playing only the 1st episode

Right now I am having problem with VOB that run more than 9 files thus I have a file named VTS_01_10.VOB
It seems that IFOedit does not like more than 9 vob files cause it will freeze the movie right after the ninth file.

I am trying a method which require using DVD2ONE twice, once with just 9 VOB files, and then later adding the other files and run it thru DVD2ONE again. Hope this works

Well it works finally, hopefully someone else will find another easy method for converting more than 9 VOBs. I had to run DVD2ONE twice so probably video quality suffers a bit but nothing major.

Rip the main movie files with decryptor. Use ifoedit to create new ifos for the vobs and then dvd2one will see it as 1 long movie which can be converted to fit on a 4.38 GB disc. for mutliple DVD movies like the Shining which has 2 actual DVD originals. Rip the first disc using file mode in Decryptor, rip the 2nd disc to a separate folder and open up the LAST vob in VOBedit for the folder which contains your Disc 1 files. Notice the Navigation Pack number which is represnted as the last VOB ID. This number is very important, because we are going to join the clips ftom Disc 2 to Disc 1. next, rename the Dsc 2 VOB’s. (at this point you have done nothing to the files). Rename them like this… VTS_01.001, 002, etc. Then open the first VOB file on Disc 2 and select EDIT, join clips. Choose a new directory to save the new files. Do not change the filename it chooses for you. Then when it asks which VOB ID number to join the clips, pick the one you learned about way back when we started. ok the navigation pack said 1 (this is just an example of how this is done), so we choose 2 as the place to join the clips together. Whatever the last navigation pack says when you load the last VOB fuke, you just increase it by 1. When the vob clips have been joined, open ifoedit and browse to the .ifo file for the Titleset. Choose VOB Extras, then create new ifos. When this is done and the movie is still too big to fit onto 1 DVD-R even after ripping unneeded audio streams and subs, you will need to use dvd2one. I’ve tested this method on several Episode DVD’s as well Hope this helps someone. Forgive any typos as I’m writing this right now and have had no sleep hehe.

Originally posted by markwefc
try this guide just leave section 5 of the guide out its only subtitles, its simple and works every time.

does this method include the menu/extras or do we need to pad the vob’s first?