Multi episode DVD - stumped


OK, I’m trying to backup my “The Office” DVD, which has 6 episodes, each in a separate VOB - i.e. its 1_0.vob, 2_0.vob… not 1_1.vob, 1_2.vob…

I’ve tried the method in the “Multi Episode Guide” thread of ripping using DVD Decrypter, creating IFO in IFOedit then encoding to fit on one DVD-R with DVD2one.

When I get to the DVD2one stage it only ever sees the first episode - isn’t this what IFOedit is supposed to fix?

I’ve tried DVD Decrypter in IFO mode (ripping one episode at a time) and File mode (selecting the 6 large VOBs) and get the same results. I’m going to try SmartRipper tonight and rip the entire disc.

Any ideas?

Would InstantCopy7 be better - I tried it but it said it doesn’t deal with copy protected DVD’s, so I’d have to rip before anyway…

This is my first DVD write, but I’ve done loads of SVCDs etc.

I don’t need menus, subtitles etc.

I’d like to know this as well actually. Anyone help with this please?

Can only find this quide and havent tried it yet, but you may have already seen this:

Sounds like this is what youre doing anyway.



I’ve done Six Feet Under in this way:

  1. Use SmartRipper to copy DVD to your hard drive. (I use backup mode - to be sure that i have everything)

  2. Delete all .ifo files.

  3. Start IFOEDIT

  4. Click on “create ifo” button. Click on “one PGC only”. Click on “Create chapter for each cell” Click the square to the right of the “1st VOB of Title Set” box and find the directory on your hard drive that you ripped the DVD to. The 1st VOB of the title set is probably the first 1 gig size VOB file - perhaps VTS_01_1.VOB Click on “same as source” for the destination of the new ifo. Click OK IFOEDIT will analyze all your VOB files and create one new ifo file - mine always seems to be about 6KB in size.

  5. Use DVD2one to compress files.

  6. Burn to a blank DVD with Nero.

I’ve found this method in the forum and it worked fine for me. Some people has been unable while others report success, so … it is hard to tell why… follow closely and you should be able

In this thread ( ReneB (one of dvd2one guys) uses a slightly different method for Band of Brothers and it worked fine for him. try it.

Thank you very much, I will give this a try as soon as I get an other disc to try with!!


why don`t you just ripp the actual movie vobs files the ones that are 0.99gb. use ifoedit and create ifo then use dvd2_1 to put evey thing together then burn all the episodes on disc