Multi episode DVD.How to split it into two discs?

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Yes im having trouble. I have a multi episode dvd, i open it with shrink which gives me lots of red oversize, I then drag the Main Movie block into reauthour window.

This then shows up as the nine seperate episodes (Still way oversize, about 45%Compression) but they all get dragged along when i try to just select one for a second reauthour.

1)Can i reauthour a reauthour?

2)Can i split the main movie section with shrink (Futureproof :bow: I am still waiting for the last two shrink tute installments that deal with this!)

3)Chickenman:bow: said something about this weeks ago but i cant find the thread. Is there another way to split the one dvd into two?.

use the start end feature in the DVD Shrink Re-author window. It’s in one of the guides - Advanced Reauthoring, I think I called it :wink:

doh!!!..actually its under Part 6, stripping chapters and titles

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