Multi-dvd cases (6 or more) insert dimensions...anyone do alot of box sets?



I want to purchase some of the 6 disc capacity cases below…

but I have some questions about doing artwork for multi-dvd cases. I want to also get some of the 10 disc cases below as well…

I usually do artwork for single disc cases with a 3240 X 2175 pixel size in Photoshop 7.0. They require a bit of trimming but not much. I print them on my Epson R200 in landscape mode on Kodak photo paper. Need advice from someone who does alot of box sets with multi disc cases to get the right print size. My prints come out at 8 1/2 X 11 as far as I know, and I’m wondering how big they need to be since the spine multi cases must be bigger??? Can someone help me out as far as dimensions for artwork?



It depends on the print margins that your printer allows. I have to use legal size paper to get a full “printed to the edge” DVD insert.

4, 6, and more cases tend to be fatter than a standard case, so you’d better wait till you get them and measure, but I’d plan on using legal size paper.


Well what size paper do you use in inches? What brand? How many dvds are held in the cases you use? I’m just wondering how much of a difference in printout size between single case artwork vs. 6-10 disc cases.


There’s no “standard” for insert sizes, every case is a little different. Legal size paper is all the same, 8.5 x 14. Any decent quality inkjet paper will be fine, there’s no reall call for photo paper, as it all looks the same under the plastic case. Likewise, not all 4-disc cases are the same size, some are the same as a single case and some are fatter. You really have to have the cases in hand to know what you’re doing.