Multi display

I currently own an MSI GeForce FX 5700 (VTD256), and was wondering if it was possible to output the main display to both a monitor and my TV at the same time. All I need is the same picture on both screens, not a true multi display picture if you get me.

Yes it’ll work since all nvidia GF cards use the same driver. Your TV will just show up as another monitor. I’m using a Ti4200 card. Here’s what it looks like w/ the extension option turned on. You can do mirror view of course.


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Yes, there’s a plug on the side. Once plugged in and detected by the video card, Mickey will become animated.

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Well im using the latest forceware drivers for XP, so where exactly would I find the option to turn both my telly and monitor on at the same time.

I guess it’s somewhere in the multidisplay settings (but I can’t tell you exactly: I don’t have any NVidia card (for the time being) that does multidisplay).

Just one thing: if you clone your desktop, you have two choices:

  • fully view the desktop, but you can’t set a resolution hihger than 800x600 on both screens
  • leave your desktop on a high resolution, but use desktop-scrolling on your tv

You could however make your TV your second screen. I don’t know if NVidia does, but ATi cards can do the second screen on another resolution (yielding a workable situation)…

Ill show you what Im doing in order, then maybe someone can see where Im going wrong.

I can then switch between the 2 at the desired resolution with no problems, but I would like both on at the same time. In the pic below, I would assume I would be able to see something like Nview modes - dual display, but atm it only states Single display. Maybe this is the problem. ?

Hmmm I think it should state dual display, but I’m not too sure about this. Maybe NVidia only allows cloning on PC screens now?

I hope that any NVidia owner can confirm/reject this…

i’ve just read some other forums about this and everyone is having the same problem. They are unable to use the clone option with a TV on the GeForce FX 5700 series cards, either this is deliberate or a driver error. Poke nvidia for updates/patches.

Can’t speak to Nvidia, but most cards do not allow outputting to both monitor and TV at the same time, it consumes too much power, too much heat.

That’s strange. Most, if not all notebooks allow dual output, for presentation. And most of them don’t even have a fancy video card. Although the notebooks I’ve tried all have ATI video cards.

Well thanks to all who replied. Im only using my telly to watch DVD’s, having both monitor and telly outputting at the same time would have saved me having to change the settings eveytime I want to watch a film.

Thanks again :slight_smile:

What kind of strange cards do you run? I can output to two screens and TV at the same time no problem, so can my friends. We all have ATI 9x00 cards. And I have a nVidia card that does cloning very well too.

Would you please share how you got an Nvidia card to clone please. Maybe you can point out where I am going wrong.

A very easy way for Nvidia based cards is to use Tv Tool

It really makes cloning easy to do ! :slight_smile:

Thanx for the link PeebZ. I have downloaded it, and I will look into this software later, but I would really like to get Nview working before resorting to third party software.

Well I tried TV Tool, to no avail. Settings used are below.




I assume I have the settings correct, and as you can see from the first two screenshots, both the monitor and telly work on there own, just not together, unless I missed something :confused:

Quick question.
After setting up the clone mode,
via the nview tab > more options > quick setup entertianment mode > the tv and monitor show the samr content,
did you click on tht 'TV Mode; botton. (via the mode tab) ?

I think I tried both tbh m8. Is there anything in particular I should/shouldnt be doing. Any suggestions given I can try as soon as I read them.